Say "Aum" for World Peace

Sanscrit for Aum
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February 14     at     9:00 p.m.

August 12     at     9:00 p.m.

November 11     at     11:00 a.m.

Souls of earth, unto all humanity we give you the opportunity
          to register with world of positive endeavour.
We give you the opportunity to broadcast your intent
          and that would be within your air.
We ask you, as humanity, to breathe forth a great breath
          that will reach beyond where you are and unify your breath
          with all breaths.
We ask you to do this at your New Year AUM.
We ask you to send it forth exactly at the New Year,
          that you send it forth in the vibrant colour of oneness, White Light.
We ask you to send it forth in the name of humanity
          unto humanity that all would be one.
Then with the AUM give it motion.
Send it forth to all beings.

Hear the word of that which is Purity.
Send forth from your beings an echo as one in Purity.
Gather your armies and send forth a colour.
It is not red as blood flows but is in the blue of the sky.
Be it throughout your world.
As you send forth aums, allow the echo of blue
          which is from the very blue world.
Send this forth for a 24 hour period wherein all armies
          of the world have a single purpose of sending forth
          a Sound and Colour.
Tonate the sound to the colour and you will alter
          the Energy of your earth.
The value of your life upon your earth will increase for
          in that moment of sound, healings will occur
          in such magnitude that it shall not go unnoticed.
Those places of drought will find rain and where there is
          only rain the sun will spring forth.
You are soldiers caught in a battle and you have not
          esteemed yourselves to see it as such.
Allow the resounder to echo.
You are of the army of Melchesidek.
You are of the force of Truth.
You are of the Light of your Creator.
Beckon all that you know to give forth the echo.
Be it, Soul, at the solstice.
Be it, Soul, at the end of your Mayan calendar.
Be it, Soul, as you will for the echo will sound greater
          than the burst of a star and the sun will rise
          on the following day and the night will see
          the dark but earth will have a new calendar.
It will, Soul, be the day that united Souls awakened to
          send Energy forth unto Purity and the stars will shine
          and the sun will glow and the heart of man will lift
          as one and send forth such a charge of Energy
          that will enter in unto the darkened way
          and those that are lost will be found.
The song will be sung as the songs of David sang,
          for peace will enter in to the hearts of man
          and Idyllic will be seen in the shadow
          of man's beginning.
For man will see a reflection of that which is truly human
          and bestow Light unto darkness.

Souls, when you speak of density,
          know the density of your universe.
Know the great collection of beings who have been formed, Soul.
Created, Soul.
Placed, Soul.
Worlds upon worlds upon worlds,
          holding great Purity within their beings
          with the single intent of drawing themselves unto perfection .
Many see their perfection where they are.
They have been drawn to that state,
          they are totally at peace in the lives they live.
They have a fullness of being.
You, who are humanity, do not have such a fullness of being,
          for you have entered forth for a battle.
You have not totally finished, completed that battle.
You are in the process.
It is not a battle, Soul, with guns, it is a battle of overcoming.
It is a battle that is done not singular, Soul,
          but by all mankind toward. this, your drawing together.
We ask for earth humanity to place cooling within the seas.
Your science searches for a way to alter the cold
          and each of you carry it within the being.
We ask that you place the density of cold upon your polar cap.
We would ask you not to do it in one
          but in thousands of one, yea, in millions of one.
And you will alter the seas
          for many of your brethren suffer within the seas,
          many animals upon the land suffer
          because of the warming you have created.
As you have created, we ask therefore that you alter
          and this you can do.
All earth, send forth a great cold.
Allow it to be upon the day of each new year.
As you send forth into the Void the sound,
          the voice of mankind, be in accord as many as will.
This we say unto you, to preserve your earth stability.

We ask each Soul to send outward the verbal vibration of the message.

All energies of goodwill please transfer this message through word of mouth, web sites, email, etc., throughout the world.

We request that all countries translate this message and place it on all accessible media.

      "The meaning of "Aum" is the eternal peace,     
the eternal oneness of all,      
and the releasing of all negativity."      

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