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P H Y S I C I S T     B J O R N S O N

December 12, 2003          
Are you well?
We are very well!
We are within your system.
We exist to prepare the way.
We are able to see through your earth formations.
We are known as Jinn.
We have no need of names.
We have immediate recognition.
Our being is our name.
You may name us, soul.
Refer to us as linear for we are linear in your mind's eye.
We can find our being through apertures you could not imagine.
And your earth is full of apertures to the outer worlds,
          and many are they who slip through the apertures to attend earth.
Often you meet and know us not.
Often we will alter your world.
Have we not just done this?
The Jinn have capabilities that earth beings have not.
We can enter into the very apparatus you call computer.
We can enter through rock and molten lava,
          and it does not alter our being.
Light, heat, cold does not alter the Soul.
We have an energy that maintains and no outer can alter that which we have.
We are illusive because we can alter our being.
Many are there upon earth who have thought of us as tricksters
          and we would have you know that we hold great honor in our being.
We see earth as you do not see earth.
We see the Soul of earth.
We know the Soul of earth.
We have communion with the Soul of earth.
The Soul of earth speaks unto our being and utters the pain that is gathered,
          and for this purpose we have entered in to that which you do.
We who are Jinn would have you know we have the ability to alter
          and protect the pain around earth, but earth is being deluged with pain.
As with the Blessed, we cannot maintain the deluge.
Our being is altered with the deluge.
We would alert earth to the great need of recognition
          of that which is placed within the stomach of earth.
It seeps, Soul.
It seeps through and cries, for there is only one result.
Earth must rend herself free and the belly must release the toxins.
Humanity, we come not to place fear upon your being.
We come, Souls of earth, in compassion unto you,
          that you know the distress of the very Mother that attends your being.
Your Mother Earth will do all for her child,
          but in the all is often the death of the Mother.
We can remove ourselves.
We often return home.
You have not the ability to leave your mother ship
          and we would have you see her being
          and embrace the blessedness of the orb you are on.
For she maintains the rightness and you smite her with toxins.
We beseech unto earth that you know there is a solution.
Find the solution for the toxins, Soul.
We know the solution is available unto earth.
Soul, earth has steps.
We know upon the Farside the research has been done
          and we know there is a being upon your planet that has the solution.
We ask that all earth recognize the need to place monies to research.
Soul, he is in Sweden.
His name is Bjornson.

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