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E A R T H   E X P E C T A T I O N S

December 17, 2003          
Beloved earth, we speak of the Blessed.
We speak of the grace within them who are your guardians,
          who watch over mankind that they may tread in the safe way.
Holy beings, unto you, nine times will come the wave of Angels come to earth.
Nine separate visitations unto humankind.
Each visitation will be recognized.
Each visitation will be declared.
The Souls of Afghanistan will see a cloud enter at a pinnacle,
          central in their region, and those who see will see within the cloud,
          the illumination of Angel.
The country will receive a blessing.
Upon the land of Palestine, the Souls will see, within a building,
          a figure of a Holy Mother.
The Mother will be reigned with the Blessed about her.
Those within will run forth unto and speak of the Woman who came,
          then was carried upward by the Blessed.
Upon the distant shore of South America, the statue of Christ of the Andes
          will illuminate with such magnificence the illumination will be seen
          as the Blessed.
A child will be at prayer before the statue, a young boy.
The Soul will be seen to be lifted unto the very arms of the statue.
In the land of China there will be seen in the poorest,
          a throng of Souls passing through, illuminated in their being.
Children will rush forth to touch, while those who are of age will fear.
As the Souls move forth, they will be seen to be lifted
          and the sound of angelic voice will be heard.
In the land of the sleeping dragon will be a mountain that will erupt.
Within the flume will be seen the form of an Angelic warrior.
The Souls will have many verifications from their scientific quarters.
The figure will be seen to lift above the flume unto heaven.
Within the land known as Poland will be a festive day
          and birds will sweep by thousands unto a cathedral.
As they rise, they take the form of angelic being.
Heard will be the Sound of Angels as a thousand tinkling bells from the spire.
Within the land of Sweden, in the waterway
will be seen by many beings a ship coming forth at a perilous time.
It will appear to be illuminated and all will rush to behold
          who has brought the Light.
And as the ship approaches to the shore, it will be seen to become Light
          and be lifted as a silvery form of Angel.
Many will witness aurora borealis in a daylight hour.
Within the northern space called Northwest Territory
          will be seen what is ice become a silver flow.
It will, Soul, travel to many populated areas.
It will be seen in the man-made portrait.
The river will sing and the sound will be the Angelic Sound
          and as the voice spirals upward, the river once again seals itself.
Within the land of Israel will come the final visitation.
There will be seen the great horn blowing.
It will be held by a single Blessed, that of the Gabriel
          who will have loosed to prepare the way.
And all who hear the sound of the horn will feel, in their being,
          the enwrapping arms of the Blessed.
These are signs unto your earth of a procession of miracles that will come to be.

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