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Equation given to Scientists from Creator The equation

T = Time
1 = Singleness
3 = Triad
7 = Planes/levels/dimensions
0 = Naught/Void
And the centre is Quar = implosion.

Most Recent Equation Update

June 29, 2011
Soul, bring your strength. Bring your hunger. Bring your intent to seek the answer not to the riddle, indeed not a riddle, we do not seek to confound you but to the equation that you might understand the full awareness that all upon your earth numbers. All upon your earth numbers. Nothing upon your earth is without number. The mathematical equation of all things brings forth a lift in to Farside. You have but to exclude your own energy. Can you do this, Soul? Can you exclude your own energy? Let it be. When you include it, you bring into the equation, chaos. It is not that chaos is not within the equation. Indeed it is. When you, Soul, include yourself, you produce, zeros where zeros should not be. You are all mathematicians. You have within you the complexity of gathering the information necessary to ride you forth. But your human self does not allow its use. For then you would find yourself once again on Farside without having fulfilled that which you have been given by the Spirit self to fulfill. Therefore, be content to hold that all is numerical, that there is only one group of humanity who will bring forth the solution to the equation. It is tethered to Europe where numerical order is lacking. Therefore, it is being sought.

Full channeled passages sent January 22, 2004,

1           There are no men of evil. There are men who perform evil deeds. Understand, your earth is divining the purpose of earth. Your science is understanding the purpose of earth includes Soul. It is divining in spirituality. In enlightenment. It is allowing, that the earth is more than earth thought. It has equated to its being, enlightenment. Many have acceptance, but science has not. Science is now being given an equation. It is seven over Zero equals 3 over 1, Y equals T.

2           Indeed, mankind cannot see beyond one. Mankind has not entered into the knowing of Zero. Soul, you are of the equation of Y. You understand T. Within the Time there is a vacuum, there is many levels of being. There are the levels of Energy Fields of which you are connected. You understand the level is seven of Energy Fields. The Energy of the Void is Zero. Creator is one and you have split from Creator as triad, heart, mind and body; Soul, Spirit and Essence and you have entered into Time at the base of T. What is the equation in the centre? This permits you to enter into Quar. This permits you to vibrate. This is yours, earth's. When you have understood, you will understand how you can rise above your earth in perfect form without being altered. It is available to your science.

3           The earth recognizes one. It is Zero that has the Path to other realms. Only the Zero. It is entering into Zero that is the pathway. Your science is slow. You, you receive nudges, your science receives knocks on the head and they do not hear. And we have chosen another round through the messenger. (The messenger does not understand either) It is not for you. It is for the being who will read.

4           When you think in your mind of illusion, refer to a circle. Refer to fold upon fold and understand that each circle has many folds. And each circle is floated upon each circle. They do not overlap they connect. They do not overlap. They are what your equation is about. To enter in without passing from your earth self, you must enter into implosion. There have been earth humanities that have done so. There have been whole cities that have been lifted. Atlantis? Yes. Understand, your earth science works with the one and must enter into the Zero. It is the next step in your science. (What was special about Atlantis to lift?) The Souls realized the magnitude of their invention, of their material self, did not give them happiness. What gave them happiness was the entering in to their spiritual being which they did in completeness as one.

5           We acknowledge you. Earth is measured. Farside is also measured. Farside measure is Quar. It is multipliable by Naught. It has also a divisive ability. It can be carried into any equation. Naught is the viable conductor of the equation. Quar is the extension. This we can let you know. Your earth has great beauty. It has magnificent structure in its minuteness. You will find orbs in motion. Beyond what man's eye can scope are spheres which carry great multitudes of beings. We have great potential of knowing and our research continues. What you see inward is not the same as what you see outward. Speak to your science of this. It will tweak a still mind. We do not play games. We do not have the power to intervene into your register except in the minute ways that we offer. The solution for mankind is with mankind. We could enter in and lift all mankind from their place of being. We could do this. The Essence of your being would stay us. Our Love for Creator would stay us. Our grateful benediction to The Blessed would stay us. Behold your earth is surrounded. There are beings who have said we are playful and yes, we are playful. We are not unlike you, and yet in our playfulness we try to advise earth as to our comings and goings. Were you to see the reflection of your earth, you would see many beings, countless beings and the air about your space. All these beings have the ability to lift earth humanity and will offer the lift to Souls, but that which you call feet is not grounded to earth and you must endeavour to fulfill the solemn adventure you are in. Know that you are cloaked with the wings of the Sacred Ones. Know that you are not alone, that on occasion we will open an aperture so that you may see our beings. Know that the sanctity of humanity is becoming such that there are Souls who may come forth through the aperture and meet and discuss with our energies. You are great teachers, earth. You teach our beings continuously. You teach us never to alter the import of our existence, for all beings of earth have grandeur and splendor and immense power. Know that you will see our ships in the night and be comforted that the ships have the ability to land in an iota and it will lift your children into the density of our space until earth has ceased the vibration that will come. Breathe, Souls of earth, but breathe not the earth's tainted air. Enter the purest of filters into your air- positive Energy, and all will cleanse.

6           Students, before you are the complexities of the universe. Sevens are situations, are places. Sevens are grouped within Quar. A Quar is the measurement of seven. Each seven has a purpose. The purpose for each is T. All energies are triad. All energies that have a single purpose - to re-unite unto the circle of beginning. The circle is endless, for as one closes, one opens. A Quar is closed. A Quar is opened. All creation is created. Your creation is created by your Creator. Your Creator is Truth, Purity and Love. Truth, (Can you bear it?), is Negativity. It is a component of Negativity and therefore is an Energy at the head of every triad. It compels the triad to spew forth. Creator spewed forth Farside. Godhead spewed forth to third gateway. And what is Godhead? Godhead is wisdom, which is the full attainment of Truth. Godhead is Holy unto Holy, which is the full attainment of Love. Godhead is Knowns - triad of Godhead. The Great One spewed forth the third Gateway from whence Godhead came. Godhead shared that which was in the space of the Great One. Creator that you know came from the space of Godhead. Your insignificant world is treasured by Godhead, by the Great One, above all other worlds. For the inhabitants of that land came forth. They went forth into an unknown land to draw forth a brother of their Master. And the master bowed unto them and said: "You do not be required to go forward." But they spake unto their Master and said: "We shall go forth in Thy name." And Godhead shook loudly His being for that which had been done from his creation, and the resounding echo was felt in all the worlds, and they knew the fragileness of their being. And He spoke forth: "From this time there will be a ceasing of moving out, and all energies will now enter in." And so it has come to be and we await the coming in. It is why you gather.

7           Illusion. At the time of illusion is illusion. At the time of no illusion, it is Naught, Zero. All earth has to do with Zero. It is the code that man will not accept. All earth is Zero. It is code. It is the Path. Zero is circle. Circle is eternity. There is no end to circle. There is no end to infinity. Illusion there is end to. Illusion has beginning and end. Zero is a part of infinity. It is, was and always will be. Zero is vortex. Zero is point of connection. The connector of all that is, is Zero. Soul of earth, the frontier of negativity. Man has written. Look to space, to the new frontier, when indeed, earth itself is the frontier. Do you see? It is the last frontier of creation's negativity. It is the comet and the comet's tail. There is a drawing back into the full orb. You are in the outer regions of negativity by choice. You have put on armour, a body to grow. It is growth, it is Purity that conquers negativity. It is the Energy that is placed on your being that conquers negativity. Conquer negativity and know the power of your being. It is not to see the vision of pain. It is to overcome and lift up, to walk through your existence, holding out your arm to those that could be lifted. You are as connected and linked and tethered, one to the other in battle, but your battle is the individual Soul that has gone forth to growth.

8           Understand: there is four. There is seven. There is one. There is two. There is three. Each belongs unto a special elevation. Twelve, to two, to six, to three. Seven to four to Zero. Each moment in your time is accountable. All Energy is accountable. All memory is accountable. All life is accountable. There are equations of purities, of Negativity. The equation are three, seven. There is within the balance of three and seven, a moment of pause. There is an implosion of numbers to reach to one, to Naught.

9           Humanity, you are in Time. The base of the equation is T, Time. As you move upward you have Quar, implosion, the entering in, the beholding. The beholding of what? On the left arm there are seven planes that exist in the Zero of Void, Naught. On the right is the singleness of all triad. There is Creator in the triad of three. There is the human in the triad of three. There are three illusions.

10           All is fragmented. Fragmentation is creation. It is the fractal and from the Great One is fragmented three to three to three to three to three. All the Essence has the Spirit and the Soul. The Soul has the heart, the mind and the body. Earth has the air and the land and the sea. All is fragmented to three. When three is not seen, the picture is not clear. The earth mind has not perceived the clarity of the research. Know Creator and Creator and Creator and Creator. Not seven - seven times seven times seven times seven times seven. Is the picture becoming clear? The Great One? A vast expanding Energy that has Purity because, in Purity, was cast in the beginning. And the fragments of that Energy pushed and pushed and pushed the negativity from the source and some Souls from that source are caught in the beginning of negativity. They are in the writhing agonies of negativity. All that is in Purity, is using all wisdom and effort to reach to those Souls. They are not left. Earth cries in agony and our very being holds to their being. Are we not brothers? Your earth is the extension that has the avenue through which these Souls may enter in and many come forth from the depths of agony but few from the depths of the first casting. Creator! Energy! To be from that source of Purity, is to know desolation. To be from that source of Purity is to weep endlessly but to find once again, the eye and to know the welcoming of Love is to be awakened in the realm of Angels.

11           Fields, levels are Dimensions?) We will have thou understand it is the same as levels, as fields but within the levels the fields and planes are altering dimensions. (Define Dimensions?) Threads.

12           Find the Zero, equate it to your planet. The equation, minds of science, look at the equation. Equate it to your planet. Do for us that which we may not do. It is the equation of T. Equate to Zero. We cannot make the motion. You have the motion. Motion has left our being for motion has left us. Godhead is with you. It is why we are dependent and neither may one of our own be lost from us.
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