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F O O D   C O N S U M P T I O N

1.         January 22, 1998          
Michael will teach the Soul of food.
Soul, know the research of man
          is the technology that is driven by need and greed.
Soul, water must be pure.
Enter only pure water to the Soul.
Wash all food.
The Soul must know that each separate enzyme
          is directly counterforce to the other.
With the food, Soul, know separation.
Eat separately, use as the Soul must cook only slightly.
Soul, do not use flesh if possible.
The strong vibration of that living creature still abides.
Greet the body with olive oil.
To the Soul, honey must be pured by purging.
Soul, know the song over food. Care!

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2.         July 31, 2001          
You have entered in pure, you have gathered impurities.
There is a Purity of being that you may accomplish.
It does not require that you leave where you are
          and walk as your monks have walked.
It does require that in your moments,
          you look outward from your being,
          for each need that arises in your space,
          that you use your humanity to alleviate pain,
          that you hold no ill will one to the other,
          that you accept no value for material objects
          but that you use that which you have for the comfort
          of all that may enter.
All meals must be taken with Purity
          so that which enters into the human form has Purity.
You are precious, you are few, you are only a very few
          and yet you are mighty, for you have within you, humanity,
          the power to alter all energies unto Godhead.
Behold how great thou art
          and acknowledge thy Oneness with thy Creator.

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3         November 25, 2003
If you were to go the nethers of your world
          and you were to find the most blessed of lambs,
          you would still find contaminates within.
Earth has done her damage.
The same applies to food in the form of vegetables and fruit.
You see, your earth has wasted the opportunity to recover from tainted food.
There is no organic food.
There are, Soul, ways to alter the food.
We would ask that you soak meat in salt for at least a half an hour
          before consuming.
Soul, teaspoon per quart of water will seem slight,
          and yet be sufficient to counter toxicity.
It would be better to be table salt rather than sea salt.
It would also, Soul, be well to do your vegetables and fruit in the same manner.

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4         April 26, 2004
("Could you explain "There is no organic food."?)
Indeed we will, Soul. Your earth has been polluted.
Your water has been polluted.
Even the rain falls upon the seed and pollutes.
For your earth has negativity that is drawn up and absorbed by the clouds to fall.
The seed that you nurture has been altered many times.
It is not that we would discourage you, Soul,
          but truth is why you are upon earth.
And to find untainted food is more than difficult.
Your earth uses chemicals to can your food.
Your earth uses a chemical wash to prepare your foods.
Your earth uses body parts to nourish your food,
          even the urine of humanity is used.
It holds within it all the negativities that man eradicates from the body
          and yet you replace it back in with fertilizing.
It is difficult, soul, and earth understands the weight of that negativity upon her.
The earth is at the point of no return.
It is time to salvage that which is pure and dispose of negativity in foods,
          in seed, in earth, in water.
(There is no point in buying organic food, since all is equally polluted?)
Soul, organic in your earth terms is misused often.
Your earth is a mercenary world and many have misused organic.
We ask you, Soul, to display knowledge about each individual product.
It is your only way to ensure.
We ask you, Soul, that you nurture the ground that you use. "

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5         November 21, 2003
Soul, your world exists in degrees,
          and the Souls who channelled material that you read
          wish you to understand
          that meat has a hazard beyond those of vegetable and fruit.
The vegetables and fruit indeed carry toxins.
The land is toxic in all nations where food is grown.
Not one, all nations.
Earth has done this.
There is no way to restore except hectare by hectare.
The flesh that is contaminant has the ability to travel throughout the body
          much more rapidly than any toxin attached to plant, fruit or vegetable.
So we would have you understand the least of the toxins.
The Souls who are ill are often given the very toxins that they are eating
          so they are being over medicated by eating the meat alone.
Also, within the meat is often a counter-toxin
          that creates a more serious concern than the illness itself.

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6         April 11, 2000
We have a passage in the southern seas.
The waters have gathered toxins.
They enter in currents, they come spewing forth from rivers
          into the waterways.
Our beings, our young, are caught in the lecherous habitat
          that was once our world.
Mankind, still the flow of toxins or our beings will be no more.
You, earth, you eat the flat fish. We warn earth the flat fish gather your toxins.
They enter in to the skin and create lesions.
And we see the young that you have upon the shore,
          and we know that they have lesions too.
There is a cancer brought from the fish you eat.
It comes from the north and beings hold the viper in their liver,
          in their kidney, and it decimates the flesh of earth.
You must release a Path of Purity.
Gather your wise men and speak as one to earth:
          "Who will stop the pleading, the beat of humanity?"
All flat fish - it is in six varied forms, all of which attack the flesh.
The hands of small children will cease to feel.
They will hit and have no pain.
And mothers will give birth to open sores,
          and fetuses will release before their time.
Earth, you have been in an agreement to harbour the toxins.
Speak to that which you have agreed to.

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7.         July 12, 1998          
Soul, the vista of humanity is collective and non-environmental.
All life form that carries heart, be it a vegetable, a fruit, flesh, fish,
          should not be devoured.
Comprehend, flesh, as in vein, flow, pump.
Soul, it must pump through a heart system.
If a heart system is in place, avoid.
The Energy of ion upon the face of earth
          has desecrated the flesh of lower species,
          contaminates, invade, within the perimeter of these species.
Endeavour to carry no mark of distinction that is in the tainted environment.
Soul, man escapes a minute decision
          to be once again entailed in a further decision.
Know the decision is research.
Research is abounding and carries a taint within the very being of itself.
The vibrancy of the negative is as controlling the flesh as a positive.
Avert the use of taint.
Know the taint is carried within the sources from many lands.
Africa particularly, carries great taint.
Within the perimeters of the Holy Land
          are the use of insecticide beyond human containment.
Research the use of purified food.
Gather to self the stroke that is not negative.
Soul, devour no fruit smaller than two inches without soaking one hour.
This effort must be done in pure water.
Reason - to discharge into the flow the negative Energy.
Regard to vegetable.
Soul, great need not to be in the space of leaf.
Use leaf from outside Canada with only strong firm heads.
Soul, carry cloth of purification always.
Endeavour always to wash all fruit.
Soul, stroke the source of great beauty, then devour.
Soul, great pain, great pain.
Soul, you are above species,
          you are within the knowing of the Creator's handiwork.
Soul, oh, Soul, cry before the slaughter.
Cry to weep at the endless slaughter.
Soul, it is choice.

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