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1     November 13, 2002
Souls, we would send alert to earth
"the aliens are coming." The aliens!
Earth, you are the aliens.
Is your demeanor not strange, one to the other?
Do you not cast aspersions upon the other?
The aliens are Purity.
It is your impure you should deride.
Do not look for the alien.
Look for the alien in self and you will find the enlightened being,
          the Soul who has concerns for all Souls,
          the Soul who seeks to assist in a war zone,
the Soul who gifts all their Energy to one purpose, that of the other.
You, in your world, you look for those Souls who give of themselves for the other,
          as equal to Angel, and yet the alien are of such calibre.
They do not raise themselves up to be greater than.
Indeed not!
They enter in to your earth, they bring to earth great knowledge.
They counsel earth, they protect the orb of earth.
And you think these beings, they come from an existence that has no meaning.
Indeed not, Soul.
They come from great Purity, from beauty, from socializing,
          with interests and pleasures, adventure and devotion.
And they raise themselves up from all there is,
          and they tend to earth matters.
There is no logic to earth logic unless you enter in the equation of alien
          and recognize that all that positive part of self that you are is alien.
That gracious ambience that you seek is alien.
That single point of direction to clarity is alien.
These beings do not seek to destroy humanity.
Humanity is destroying self.
These beings, alien, place the lifeline.
We, who see your being as worthy beyond our own, yet mired in pain,
          we see you from our vantage point as greater than we are,
          for have you not gathered to struggle, to enter in to the abyss.
Have you not, in scourging the land, become more human?
Blessed humanity, see with the eyes of alien
          and you will see the great adventure you are in.
You will recognize, with clarity,
          the ominous territory you have dared to enter.
We, your counterpart, await your recognition.
We would have you call unto us and greet our coming in.
We would have you know there need be no fear and all energies
          of all Farside worlds will,
          in a single moment of eternity, enter in
          and great minds will ponder this.
Eye, earth, the redemption of all Souls in transition.
Come, come Souls, there is nectar to sip.
There is abundance of pleasures,
          but first you must recognize the Holy Battle you are in.
Oh, world humanity, your Holy Battle is not against the infidel.
Your Holy Battle is raised against negativity.
You who seek to destroy the infidel,
          know ye not, you become the infidel,
          for, Soul of your being is not of the earth.
It is from the Holy land from which you have come.
Holy land wherein your brethren charge you
          to seek the overcoming of the Wilful Child called Negativity
          that battles with all earth energies.
There is, on earth, no Holy one.
All are Holy until they raise themselves from Holy unto Holy Holy,
          to the heaven of Farside, to the opulence of the homeland.
Indeed, there is a glory road.
Indeed, there is a perfect way.
Indeed, you are at crossroad of recognition.
Oh, earth, you are not as the blessed ant who scurries and scurries
          to protect their own.
All who have arms and legs, who have torso and human brain substance,
          a heart that beats and an eye of knowing, are family, are one.
You, earth humanity, clamour to destroy
          and you place upon yourselves guises of intrigue,
          that you might secretly attain your aims in destroying one another.
You, our earthly brethren, you are charged and ready,
          and even in the secret closets of religion do you plan
          how best to maintain your sacrilegious houses
          through such excursions.
You, who see before you the plight of humanity,
          would see the beggar bowls empty
          with the opulence about your shoulders.
And you use the name humanity, humane?
Oh thou, from whatever religious house you come at,
          seek to feed the poor.
Seek to give to the downtrodden, not from your opulence,
          from the very heart of those righteous palaces.
Do you think the end you await, you will lift the golds and the silvers?
Do you think you will wear the fine robes?
You will be as naked as the beggar beside you.
You will be found wanting beside the beggar, for you who claim religion
          have the power to open the doors to Purity on earth.
And yet you gather and close the doors
          and pray righteous prayers unto your Creator,
          each seeing himself as the greater.
You are all alien, one to another,
          but you do not understand the meaning of alien.
Alien is the ultimate giver.
Alien has a single purpose - the other.
And we, who are of the cast of alien, we are your mother, your father,
          your brother, your sister.
We are from where you have come.
We have the sensitivity that you could have, and chose to be blind to.
Holy fathers who place before them the cup to serve,
          and in the serving use paper,
          when you hide behind the door and serve yourselves with gold.
Art thou, a servant unto man,
          a living ethic to design a life from
          that the young may follow your example?
Better thou would come out from thy door and kneel with the beggar
          that you might be lifted on that day.
Is it not the purpose of religion to succour the poor,
          to garb the naked and feed the wounded?
Open the blessed doors!
Open the counting house!
Understand the need of humanity is not in pious words.
Call! Call the sound, that prayer might be and place thy form down
          in solemn understanding of why you prostrate thy being.
Oh, thou humanity, where do you see the child as willing sacrifice?
Where do you see the purpose for your glory
          in destructive aims at humanity!
If you could raise yourself up unto where we are,
          you would know your Creator is our Creator.
You would know that which Holy Holy means.
You would understand the fibre of which you weave.
You would declare unto earth "See the golden thread from which you come.
          Understand the glory of thy Creator
          who does not call for the blood of humanity,
          but calls only for the gift of humanity,
          the overcoming of all negativity
          that all that are lost might be found."

And oh, thou, you have within your being,
          a cup that runneth over with goodness.
You have the dregs and the full cup.
You have all that is a gift unto everlasting.
You do not need to maim to receive.
It was yours before you entered into earth.
You do not require a font, you do not require a pense.
You require only the gift of overcoming negativity unto thy Creator.
And the beams of Light will fall and flood thy being
          and you will be emanating with glory.
You of earth who prepare to battle, will you sup from the cup before you enter in?
Will you lie thee down and offer thy being?
Better you would offer thy Purity, better you would sing songs, hear tones,
          and know the sound is the same, the toning has a oneness,
          and you are one of the other,
          a single purpose for entering in to this, your earth.
The knell has sounded, the midnight hour.
Open the doors and offer that which you cannot take.

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2     November 13, 2002
Are you prepared?
Soul, preparation is essential.
You have been prepared.
We, Melchezidek, have seen to it
          that each of humanity has been prepared.
You have been armed with all the essentials for the Battle you are in.
You have been given a variance of corridors to enter.
You have been given alternatives that will lead you to your ultimate goal.
And yet, humanity, you flagrantly disregard many possibilities
          and negativity spews and bile rises up and gags your being.
You are the army of Creator.
You have been gathered together, not one humanity's nation,
          but one humanity, all nations as one, to overcome negativity.
The enemy is not a word we know.
You are created "enemy."
You have entered in to overcome negativity armed with Truth,
          gathered from Purity, with a possibility of all Love.
Those are the corridors.
Those are the passageways.
On our Farside, you are stalwart fellows, brave and willing,
          and gathered in oneness unto the purpose of your coming.
You have even been blest with the differences of your alien nations
          that you might meld and gather into oneness.
But, Souls, you eye with a singleness, you eye with the purpose of self.
Humanity, who succeeds in the Battle, reaches beyond the purpose of self.
Each earth human has a need.
It was not coincidental that your forms came in in need,
          unable to move, relying on another to lift them and nurture.
It was not coincidental.
There is a need for humanity to recognize all as their own:
          the father, the mother, the elderly, the children, the infant, the nation.
Be in single purpose - to counter all negativity upon your globe.
Recall, in your being, that which was your purpose for entering in.
Understand, the shield you hold is not to protect you from humanity,
          it is from the Wilful Child,
          that you might do battle
          and draw all unto the goodness of Creator.
You have entered in to the deepest part of Battle.
You are mired and we call unto you to step from the mire.
It is become because of the outpourings of negativity, one to the other.
It has become deep and great armies are caught,
          but there is only one army - humanity.
Recognize in all armies, the brethren and the single purpose
          for which you have come,
          and lay down the sword,
For Love is mightier than the sword,
          and joy is greater than death and death is man's,
          and you are only posturing as man.
Indeed, you are Purity.
Rise up, army, that you might recognize the fold,
          not your human brethren, but the negative force,
          and place all Love where negativity is.
For it is in truthful endeavour that the Battle is won.

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3     November 13, 2002
The great dragon is awake and the people have felt the stir
          and motion has altered and earth has entered in to a waiting mode.
The great dragon is not a man.
The great dragon is not a nation.
The great dragon is the flow that bends and turns and swirls
          and whimsically creates havoc.
You have felt the havoc and yet the dragon is only stirring,
          has not yet even entered out of the flow.
The motion of the dragon is east and west and north and south,
          and south and north and west and east.
There is no containing the dragon.
There is no calming the great beast,
for the beast has had a dream of a perfect world
          and has awakened and found the world at war, one with the other.
The contentious ills that man places upon man are infant toys
          to what the great dragon will stir,
          for the earth must be cleansed of negativity.
And the great dragon can see through all
          and enter in to the deepest well and highest mountain.
The dragon is preparing to walk the land
          and we, who have seen that which the dragon can do,
          send unto earth, a sound.
It will be heard by all humanity.
In the north and the south and the east and the west,
          the drone will come and the great sound of insect
          will raise up and take flight.
From within the earth, they will come
          and earth will not have seen such a scourge
          and the sound of the wings will be heard
          and the trees will lose the growth.
From the sound of that day,
          earth will know a single year to recover the purpose
          and then the dragon will walk and earth will look to the sky
          and only that which comes will prevent total destruction.

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4     November 13, 2002
You have been regaled, time and again, with the power of your being
          and we will also regale you with the power of your being.
You have a blessed Energy.
You have a countenance that you wear as human
          but you have a countenance that is Holy unto Holy.
And we would have you buoy up your broken spirits,
          lift your energies to that perfect self.
We would have you know the negativity of your earth self
          is uncounted by your Creator.
Only does your human self count negativity.
There is no judgement upon your being.
There is the greatest need to recognize your human-self,
          to recognize within your human-self, the negativity, the pain,
          not the pain you will cause to self.
Indeed, there is a greater need to recognize the pain you cause to others,
          for it is the blanket that covers the Soul
          that requires lifting and altering.
We would have you recognize the Purity of your being,
          the hallowed Energy of your being.
We would have you bless your being, holding yourselves together
          and anointing your Soul-self with Energy
          that you might feel the aura of your being,
That you might recognize, not the flesh and the blood of your being,
          but the entire being, the form we know as you.
Hold thy hands prayerfully.
Take the moment to see the negatives you have incurred
          within your being and know that you form the bead of holiness
          and you place the gem upon your being
          and the body responds to the Energy ramp.
And you know, in the calm attitude, the gem is formed
          and the Energy explodes to benefact all your being.

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5     November 13, 2002
Patience is difficult for humanity.
There is a great need to be active in the fulfilment of self-purpose.
Indeed, the purpose need not have purpose on either requirement of self.
There is a bond in purpose.
The bond can be negative or positive,
          but the bond brings an expectation of the other.
Souls, we ask of earth that you have no expectation of other.
We ask that the expectation be in self alone,
          the expectation of self to reach out in total honesty, integrity.
Not pious words, not contemplated idioms or complex expectations,
          only in the expectation of self, extending outward unto all.
There is only all.
There is no requirement for the giving, there is only giving.
The tear that sits and does not fall is the greatest tear, the unshed tear.
You can place your being outward to catch the unshed tear
          and prevents its falling.
You can be the one who succours the need.
You may not retaliate.
Astound the enemy with gifts of Love.
Astound the enemy with Purity of intent.
You are an illusion.
You have not come nor will you go.
You are simply illusion.
You have manifested self and will manifest self again and again.
You are in the dark night awaiting the Light, awaiting your sun to shine.
The sun is within the reflection.
The sun is the reflectory you are.
You need but find yourself into Purity, into the dark,
          that you might know the Light.
No man knows the Light without first recognizing the dark.
In your moment of darkness, know you are at the threshold of Light.
In your greatest pain know you are at the threshold of healing.
We offer Light.
We offer total, complete Energy.
It is yours and yours and yours.
It is free for all humanity to enter in, to glory in.
You have the splay of colour before you.
You have but to permit the Light to rest upon thy being.
Welcome the Energy of Light that you might give Light.
For you must recognize within your being, the Light
          that it might shed the glory of its own outward unto all.

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6     February 26, 2003
You are only one, Soul, when none is missing.
Earth, you are only one when none is missing!
Call, Soul, call in the strident note: "We offer!".
Not, Soul, "we declare". Not, Soul, "we ordain".
"We offer our vibration unto you.
We offer the goodness that we have, unto you".

Creator created the grass of the field,
          the grass of the field has many blades,
          as your humanity has many blades.
And yet the blades can be walked upon.
They are soft unto the feet.
So can your blades become.
As you place your goodness into the blades,
          as you send down benefits to mankind,
          the blades lose their cutting edge,
          they become a blanket of goodness unto mankind.
You have placed within your machines lethal doses
          and earth is trembling,
          for earth understands that which she must receive.
And the Soul of earth beckons to still your being,
          to have the cargo expands itself.
Not as bones expand, but as goodness expands.
To you, who see yourselves as segregated goodnesses of earth,
          to the captains at the head of armies, we speak:
"You are gallant, you are human,
          and we know in humanity there is a great gallantry.
For have you not entered in to the greatest battle to overcome negativity?
But we charge you, Sirs!
          The battles will only create other battles when the blade is sharp.
When the blade is softened and goodness is dropped on the land,
          the minions are not desolated."

We, who are alien, we are as you are
          and our purpose is also to save mankind,
          to lift the energies beyond the rapetious pain that will come unto earth.
We expend our energies in that which will uplift you.
It is the purpose of our being.
The purpose of your being, mankind,
          is not to decimate your numbers because of the differences that you are.
It is not, Soul, to rape your land with explosions of negativity.
You have come with a different purpose,
          the purpose of overcoming negativity,to gather the pained,
replace           to replace negativity with Truth.
Not the Truth of a clan or a sect, a cast or a tribe,
          the Truth that all men are created equal.
We address those Souls who represent these diverse differences in high places.
Your overabundance is mildewing. Your overabundance is being destroyed.
Your overabundance is being tainted with noxious energies.
Cease, Souls of earth, cease to taint the seed.
Cease to place within Purity, negativity.
Invent, if you will, a new way,
          a way that offers before it is destroyed, the perfection of the land.
Give, give, give, instead, Souls of earth, hate, hate, hate.

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7     February 18, 2003
We would have you, Souls, see in your day with your eyes, the two eyes,
          a part of your flesh and your blood.
We would have you know that as you look with those eyes,
          you look differently than have you ever before,
          for you are a part of mankind.
You are the meld of all mankind
          and mankind has altered the progression of Energy forward.
The eyes of mankind are seeing differently than they have ever seen before.
For there is within mankind the awareness of the Gathering Time.
We would have you, look at the minuscule alterations of your earth.
Not only, Soul, of the platform you are on but beneath the platform.
We would have you understand that earth is dying.
Earth is gasping.
Earth is being relentlessly torn.
It is, Soul, within the ability of your eye to discern the differences.
It is possible for mankind to alter, but the field of mankind is closing
          and the portent for great pain is accelerating.
You have indeed before you the great eagle and the great hawk.
They would battle,
          they would rend the very earth upon which your existence depends.
We, who are Farside, witness the acceleration,
          witness with a clarity the evils of man to man.
And you who live upon your world, that orb you hold sacred,
          what will you give that it may exist?
How may you alter, that which is in torment?
In platitudes?
It will, Soul, require much more.
It will require great depths of Spirit.
It will require the entering into the fray.
Not against.
Do not be against any one thing.
We would ask you, to raise your banners high
          for the plights of all beings upon your earth.
That which you would expend to voice against,
          we would ask you to lay before the hungry
          that they might be fed.
Your world places great emphasis, upon curing ills.
Your world battles negativity.
The vision of your eyes are corrupted,
          for you see all things to be as your own.
And yet you are formed in flesh and blood with differing parts
          that work very well together.
You have head and arms and legs, and toes and fingers,
          organs of your body that work well together in their difference.
Do not seek to change the difference, Soul.
Seek to replace unwellness with wellness.
We would speak to your farmer, pharmaceutical.
We would have you understand the immense amounts of waste,
          when there are children who languish in pain
          because of their need.
We, of the Farside, see mankind in its singular vision,
          an orb whereon all Souls unite for a single purpose
          and we see the contention where the purpose has been lost.
And we would have you see,
          you, Souls, who have the placement high in the economics of mankind,
          to keep your vision centered on the purpose of your being.
          for you have brought yourself high that you might alter pain.
Do not see with eyes your tall buildings.
Do not see with eyes your conclaves of difference.
See with eyes that which you can alter, that which you can bring to right,
          even, Soul, in the most minuscule manner, even with a touch of a hand.
Mankind, use your generosity, excel in generosity!
Be that being that propels another to rethink the stand they have taken.
Do not try to alter the stand.
We speak of vision, of the sight that you can give to others.
For as they see your motion, your vibration toward the positive, Soul,
          and they feel your Energy, they will feel in their being
          the need to motivate to wellness.
You are on a curvature.
Earth has a curvature that is accelerating.
It will draw you high and you have within your hand all possibilities.
For your hand is not a feeble appendage, Soul.
It has the ability to send forth great Energy to alter the face of the land,
          to alter the face of the pained.
You are from that Energy we are a part of.
Your Creator is our Creator.
You have the availability unto your being of all that is Light,
          of all that is, the Raiment of Creator.
We would have you understand the greatest gift -
          the Light that you have available to send forth.
Use, mankind, the eyes of your being to see the pain before you
          and give with your Energy, with your wealth, with your goodness,
          to alter the space you are in, to alter that which you call your world,
          that it might be, that it might not agonize itself
          because of the pain that is placed within and upon its being.

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8     August 27, 2003
We would have you understand, there are many messages
          placed upon the plane of earth and within the earth itself.
Within your planet, you will find clues, messages,
          that direct attention to a specific area of knowledge.
Crop circles, beloved Soul, are an entertainment,
          not in the sense of a stage play or a movie.
They are an entertainment performed by the Four.
It is part, an aspect of becoming ready for the Gathering Time.
There is agreement with all parties before engagement begins.
There are, Soul, and make no mistake, as in many other avenues,
          charlatans who play a game for their own amusement.
There is, Soul, a way to ascertain the difference
          between the charlatans and the Purity of a message.
Within all that we build, there is mathematical precision
          and, as in all things, there is, of course, Sound and vibration.
Musicians will come to understand the circles as compositions
          from which symphonies will be gained
          in addition to the message contained within.
It is precision.
The mathematicians studying the circles will find patterns.
Patterns that nibble at the edge of their consciousness
          because they are of a complexity unknown,
          undiscovered by only a few that know, but dare not believe in their knowing.
There will be a combination, of three:
          the mathematician, the musician, and the astrologer.
The world will not gently accept the findings and much controversy will result.
It cannot be otherwise, Soul.
All messages have an effect, but as in all things, you have choice.
The nudges are not always accepted.
For each individual, we have stated, has choice
          and humanity has choice.
It is not separated.
The choice of humanity is that of the individual.
Each circle represents all that is found and has a link to the Keys.
There are no coincidences, there are no individuations.
The circles are gathered energies.
They are connected to the Gathering Time.
They are a means of alerting mankind.
They are a way of discovering.
They are linked, to the equation.
Soul, you have before you a buffet of myriads of foods.
You may choose one or the other or none.

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