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The Purpose of Humanity is to bring forth the Fallen Angels from transition by overcoming negativity on earth.

Creation commenced with the emergence of the energies of Negativity and Purity. Negativity fragmented its Energy to what the text describes as the Wilful Child. Negativity, which in its complete form is a brother to Love, could not re-absorb this wilful component. The Wilful Child delighted in knowing the power within his being. He could alter the space of beings. They had no power to overcome his playfulness. He drew himself often into the space of Souls and they lost the power to respond of their own accord and became inert.

The teachers of the Farside speak of Creator as Love. Creator, by His very nature, could not place harm or judgement upon any component of creation. Therefore Creator armed the Angels with Purity to aid the inhabitants of these inert worlds. The Angels succeeded in cleansing most of creation but some succumbed under their burden. These Blessed Angels isolated themselves in transition with the gathered Negativity and formed a curtain preventing Negativity from penetrating into Farside.

On the Farside Melchezidec approached Creator with an offer to assemble an army of volunteers from among the inhabitants of the liberated worlds, to bring back these Blessed Angels. Creator formed earth, agreed to re-create these volunteers as humanity armed with Truth and sent them unto mother earth within the Void. Their mission, their gift to Creator, is to bring forth the Angels who had been overcome in the battle before earth existed.

Planet earth is the last battleground of this cosmic struggle. Krishna, Buddha, Jesu and Mohammed each came as a messenger of Creator to remind us of humanity's mission to bring these Angels home by overcoming negativity through sacred Oneness. Over the centuries humanity at large has succeeded in this struggle to the point where the resolution is at hand. The channelled text of the trilogy CREATOR offers the requisite explanations and instructions to fulfill humanity's covenant with Creator to which our Souls had subscribed before entering the battleground of earth the first time many centuries ago.

Humanity is the only creation responsible for the welfare of the animate and inanimate environment of our planet - be it the earth itself or its numerous and varied inhabitants such as microbes, plants, animals or humans. Humanity's choices have escalated the misuse of the Energy of Negativity which pervades our world in its many manifestations - such as hatred, greed, pollution, starvation and wars. Humanity is accountable for the stewardship of earth and its inhabitants who also volunteered to join the struggle. The common goal of creation is to have the Fallen Angels returned to Creator. There is an urgency because man has contaminated earth to such an extent that earth can no longer sustain its pain and the consequences force a re-assessment of our values.

The present choice facing humanity is the means by which this will be accomplished. To avoid the cataclysmic destruction forecast in the prophecies, humanity must learn to live in harmony and Love all - people, everything on the planet and the planet itself. In either case, a new time will emerge to the boundless joy of the Angels, where Truth, Purity and Love will reign. The final battle is about to be won! The chasms of transition are to be emptied and the Angels restored to Creator. Humanity will lead all creation into a reign of glory where the Oneness of Creation will be re-established.

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