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Dear Reader,

We have not yet found a publisher for the Trilogy manuscript. If you know of a publisher who may be interested, or to financially support our effort to raise awareness of the revealed messages concerning the purpose of mankind, please write:
Purpose of Humanity Society
6784 Harwood Drive
Lantzville, B.C.
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Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


June 20, 2002

Dear Publisher,

This letter is intended to explore your interest in publishing a trilogy of channelled text. The italicized, indented quotes are from channelled text received to date.

There is a pervasive hunger for spirituality. Recent events have shaken our society's complacency with the status quo. It is in this context that the revelations in the channelled text of CREATOR acquires a new and timely significance.

          "Soul, the volumes have a purpose to earth humanity.
          It is not spoken to one sect, to one religion, to one area of expertise.
          It is spoken so as to reach all endeavours of humanity.
          The text will be made purposeful
                  and souls will contemplate at great length
                  over the meanings of these words.
          Souls will recognize in their being the Truth,
                  the Purpose of Humanity."

Human history has always been marred by the cancerous distinction of "We" vs. "They". This is particularly apparent during the frequent wars we experience but pervades peacetime in more subtle ways in racial intolerance, traditional animosity between neighbouring countries and intolerance of cultural diversity especially against identifiable minorities.

          "Earth mankind, hear, re-hear the instruction of the Great Ones
                  who have given teachings,
                  not that They might be remembered
                  but the Love of Creator might be known,
                  that the profuse Energy that is available unto mankind
                  might be drawn unto one's Being,
                  that the Light may blossom forth in Purity
                  unto one's brethren and mankind.
          And mankind, why have you divided yourselves into wars
                  to denounce the very Love that was taught to your Being?"

The second manifestation of the cancerous "We" vs. "They" is based on economic disparity among groups within a given country as well as between the standard of living among different parts of the world. The "We" fear to lose their economic advantage by sharing their wealth with the poorer "They". Ignored are the basic physical needs for adequate food, shelter and health for many within our own society, let alone those in other parts of the world. This agenda often comes at the cost of unjustifiable environmental damage - preferably imposed on a poverty stricken part of the world sufficiently far removed to hopefully minimize any adverse affect on ourselves.

          "Man sees man, and only the privileged few,
                  yet it is the same privileged few
                  who undo all goodness upon earth.
          It is the upper echelon of mankind that dictates the flow of Negativity,
                  that places within the waterway the greed of their Being.
          Who will stem the flow for earth has little time?"

The third manifestation of the "We" vs. "They" is based on diverse religious beliefs which reinforce and at times justify the damage caused by the above two cancers. This is particularly applicable to Judaism and its two derivatives - Christianity and Islam - since all three of them lay claim to the only true faith revealed by God. Christianity and Islam are particularly prone to proselytise - often by direct force or indirect brainwashing and/or bribery - in the belief that the convert is being saved from everlasting damnation both here and in the afterlife.

          "It is the persona that is the strength of the religion that
                  sends the spirit to save a soul already saved.
          There is no soul lost."

          "In many countries upon your earth,
                  religions denounce one and another.
          They vie to save to their own, abundant parishioners
                  and under the site shadow of the very buildings
                  are destitute souls,
                  requiring food and lodging, comfort and communication.
          Upon your earth are pockets of children dwelling in vileness
                  who are powerless to alter their existence."

Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Mohammed were the highest messengers Creator sent to convey the Covenant between the army of humanity and Creator, to explain the intent and the means to accomplish it. The revelations in CREATOR are the latest attempt from "heaven" to correct the corrupted interpretations of numerous previous revelations presented to mankind as codified by established religions. Negativity is not evil. It is an attribute of Creator which searches for Truth. What is viewed as evil on earth, is man's succumbing to the entrapment of Negativity's mutation during his learning curve.

          "Oh Souls, many have come before and many have followed after
                  but The Four have given without ego
                  until man distorted that which was."

          "Souls of earth, you are not being given a new religion.
          You are not being given a new citadel
                  to raise up for man to revile.
          Soul, you are being given a pathway into the flow of eternity,
                  a key to the existence of humanity.
          All nations, all sects and cults and religions are the concern
                  of the blessed energy."

The world as we know it is part of a cosmic battleground between Purity and a mutation of Negativity - both being primary components of creation. When the mutation of Negativity first surfaced, (before the earth or humanity existed) other worlds were populated by what we to refer to as aliens. The mutation invaded these worlds and made them inert. In response Creator sent forth an angelic host armed with Purity to return this mutation to its original state. The angels succeeded only in cleansing part of the other worlds. As a last resort some of the angels gathered more of the mutation and placed themselves in quarantine ("Transition") to protect Creator and the salvaged part of creation. These are commonly referred to as the "fallen angels".

          "And the Souls were blessed by Creator
                  and the Tears of Creator fell upon his Holy Ones
                  to wash the pain of Negativity from their Beings,
                  but many fell and were lost in the pain of knowing

In response, many aliens of the salvaged worlds volunteered to be an army to be re-created as humans on planet earth in order to continue this struggle. Creator armed humanity with Truth to free the "fallen angels" from their anguish in "transition".

          "And Melchizedek brought forward an army of Beings.
          And the Souls agreed to hear the pain,
                  the cry of the Souls in transition,
                  and know with joy in their heart that they had the power
                  to lift the Souls unto the Holy Holy Holy.
          And humanity is that army."

Since this would involve a learning curve of dealing with the mutation of Negativity, the human soul would be reborn time and again. After death they would enter "transition" to accept or reject the life they lived and then return to Farside where they choose the lesson to be learned during their next incarnation. This serves to eliminate the human religious fear of hell, the devil and eternal damnation. This is the origin and function of earth and its human inhabitants who will, through their accumulated Purity and oneness, enable the return of the "fallen angels" and a new creation in the realm of Godhead.

          "We would, soul, take you unto coming home.
          All souls enter through a single gateway.
          They crowd, many colours, races and religion forgotten
                  and are received as beloved unto our side."

          "Hear me, souls: you are worthy, you are loved, you are of Creator.
          You are not flung needlessly, heedlessly here and there.
          Your Creator always waits with open arms
                  to gather you back into the fold of Love.
          Oh souls, listen not to your unworthiness.
          Listen not to those who tell you you are despicable.
          Listen not to those who would have you believe you are
                  destined for eternal flames.
          There is no eternal flame to burn thee.
          There is eternal flame, but it is of goodness,
                  of great glowing, wondrous goodness.
          The eternal flame is you, each of you, souls."

While earth and its inhabitants are but an illusion of a spiritual reality, the soul of man is immortal. All of humanity is a Holy reflection of Creator. Humanity has been entrusted with the stewardship of Purity, an attribute of Creator. All of creation, including the very earth and its many inhabitants (whales, animals, etc.) volunteered to join humanity in order to support its struggle. By the same token, man assumes the stewardship of mother earth and responsibility for the welfare of our fellow beings.

          "Man, our babies cry foul,
                  foul that you have destroyed the nursery of our Being.
          Our brother the frog may not jump as high,
                  withered in his arms and legs.
          Our sisters, the dolphins, are carried to slaughterhouses
                  as Souls have carried humanity
                  and still carry humanity to slaughterhouses.
          Oh earth, cry for the pathos of such Beings
                  who are Purity unto themselves,
                  whose Wisdom overshadows your own,
                  and yet you decimate their numbers!
          The cowl of dread is upon my brother and my sister.
          The eel crosses in lesser numbers.
          The turtle is valued not for the wonder of its being
                  or revered for the age that it is."

Humanity is not all of creation but it is an indispensable means to rectify the problem of mutant Negativity which seeks to undermine the purpose of creation.

          "The holy angels who have fallen from grace will be redeemed
                  unto Creator.
          For, soul, have you not placed yourself upon the field of earth
                  for this purpose?
          Is your glory not seen by Creator
                  and does He not extol his creation, man?
          For man has chosen as gift to Creator
                  to enter in to the depths of despair
                  and claim from the reality of illusion what is pure.
          The army awaits on Farside to join with the army of earth."

CREATOR is a trilogy of revealed metaphysics in its widest sense. It synthesizes the spiritual beliefs of many cultures and ages. The teachings address the eternal questions about Creator, creation and the divine plan. The teachings range through the Farside world of spirits, saints, angels and creators; to alternate universes and alien life forms, the mandate and stages of earth, humanity, and the sentient beings of earth, to life and death; through evil, illness, war and pain. The text challenges the concepts of God, sin, hell and the devil in traditional Judeo-Christian belief and asserts a new meaning to life and the purpose of humanity. In fact it expands our understanding to a time preceding the creation described in Genesis and leads us beyond Revelations to final rescue and redemption. To our knowledge there is no parallel in either the sacred books of earth or in the large number of published channelling, metaphysical or New Age writings.

Unlike most channelled information which originates from a single source, the teachings come from well over 100 spirits communicating through a single medium. The text expands upon the published channelling from individual members of the Michael Entity, High Beings such as Ramtha, through St. Germaine and the Pleiadians, and reaches to the highest levels of the spirit world (Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Jesu and Archangels).
Below are two sample passages from The Trilogy followed by the synopsis. Further visions given through the channelling can also be found at:


Introduction for Publisher CREATOR Synopsis

1.     Beloved, enter in to clarity, see the reflection of what will be.
        Souls of earth, how blessed are They
                  who have brought their purities into your space,
                  who have entered to teach unto mankind
                  the purpose of Their being - Jesu, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha.
        Souls of earth, The Four are united in the coming together of great Purity.
        Souls, unto earth have They entered in and given a vision,
                  a vision of Purity, and man has selected from those purities
                  that which they would serve, that which they would hear,
                  that which they would bow unto.
        Souls of earth, the purities are a blend of oneness in their being
                 for Creator.
        The energies on the Farside teach to all the worlds of purities.
        To earth was given the Truth.
        Earth mankind, hear, re-hear the instruction of the Great Ones
                  who have given teachings,
                  not that They might be remembered,
                  but the Love of Creator might be known,
                  that the profuse Energy that is available unto mankind
                  might be drawn unto one's being,
                  that the light may blossom forth in Purity
                  unto one's brethren and mankind.
        And mankind, why have you divided yourselves into wars
                  to denounce the very love that was taught to your being?
        Souls of earth, see the framework of earth, know the fragile network
                  upon which your life depends.
        Know that every effort needs to be extended
                  that man might not destroy man.
        Unto earth is an example being shown of how quickly
                  you may eradicate life.
        Souls of earth, how blessed is earth, how blessed is the being of man!
        Might the fragmented part of your being turn to the Truth
                  that has been set before you by the Blessed Four.
        Oh Souls, many have come before and many have followed after,
                  but The Four have given without ego,
                  until man distorted that which was.
        Look over the fence as we look over the fence to earth
                  and see there an extension of your being.
        See there a soul who has in their care the same fragile earth
                  that you have.
        See there a soul who extends his love to family members,
                  to comrades at arms.
        Souls, the day of earth is becoming as night.
        The shadow has a long fall
                  and the need for the noonday light to enter in,
                  for the morning star to come forth, is necessary
                  if man would survive the catastrophe of self.
        How magnanimous is man that he sees himself better than his brother.
        How drawn up with pride is man that he carries himself
                  taller than his brother.
        You are fragile beings.
        Will all flow in the same waterway
                  and be buffeted with the same winds
                  and be tormented by the same source?
        There is not a safe zone except upon the mountaintop of Purity.
        Souls of earth, we speak frankly that you might hear,
                  for all worlds of the Farside
                  look unto mankind for a purpose of Purity,
                  and the din and clamour that lifts itself
                  unto the ears of wisdom, defies that man is holy.
        Earth, do not speak of holiness.
        Do not surround thy being
                  with goodness that will not reach beyond thy brethren.
        But look to the far hill, to the deep valley,
                  look to the waterways and the byways and the crossroads,
                  and know that all humanities meet in the same end
                  at the Gateway of Purity.
        Souls of earth, you are loved!
        Souls of earth, recognize the love of your being.
        Know the energies that flow to you.
        Accept the gift that is extended unto thy being
                  and use the Purity to reach out unto all men,
                  for your toxins, your poisons,
                  your metal ships cannot bring you peace.
        Only in the space of Purity may peace be found.

2.     Souls of earth, behold a teaching.
        Souls of earth, in the hand is the offering of your being,
                  it is not in the words of your mouth.
        It is in the hand that offers unto all, that which you have.
        It is not to offer unto nakedness,
                  for your being requires warmth,
                  and your doorway may offer an extra bed
                  for the traveller on his way.
        The table may be set with the extra plate
                  for he who would enter the door.
        And the extra clothing you would wear upon your back
                  would be offered to the soul at your side who is destitute,
                  for water is used for bathing, for cleanliness,
                  and holy requires cleanliness.
        Soul, offer unto Creator, hands open, extended from your being,
                  not hiding that which you have,
                  not holding within the eye, the moat,
                  but extending the eye of truth unto Creator.
        All beings are holy!
        The most vile earth being is holy,
                  the most putrid of skin are holy.
        Soul, anoint the skin with oil so that thy cup runneth over.
        Who can see beyond earth?
        Extend thy eyes unto the far hills,
                  for to look too close at thy being is to harbour greed.
        Know that all in thy being is Creator.
        Has the battle of negativity not entered the first door?
        Behold, home is not of earth.
        Rejoice in knowing that home is Farside Station.
        Souls, look you at your earth, look you at the abundance of creation,
                  and know that in the abundance of creation are seeds
                  that have been planted from Farside.
        Rejoice in the mighty tree - the oak, the myrtle, the pine,
                  that have withstood gales.
        The same creation is on Farside!
        Who could behold your world with no negativity?
        The energy of being is the food required,
                  the air of being is the breath required,
                  but the mountain and the trees, the hills and the valleys,
                  do not think they are reserved for your earth alone.
        Majestic trees flow upward from many worlds.
        The quiet glades of forest may be entered and the purities of blossoms
                  extend themselves to pleasure the eye of beholding -
                  worlds of reptiles, of whales, of beings
                  who reach out to gather goodness,
                  who beckon to souls progressing to level five.
        Many Souls are content to BE.
        Many Souls rest in the state of Purity.
        It is not a sin.
        There is no sin, soul, there is only choice.
        The moving on to Creator, to Godhead, is for the gallant
                  who have chosen to battle the great negativity.
        We would have you see the abundance of life as you know it.
        We would have you see with clear eyes, without greed,
                  knowing that all things belonging to you are a sacred trust
                  placed within your hand to be dispersed.
        Behold, the door of your home will welcome all.
        Place the basin before the soul and wash the feet.
        Offer sup to the soul.
        Rejoice in the offering that you have been able to make.
        Do not place cost to the soul!
        Reach for the fresh fruit of the vine and know
                  it has been placed in your hand to feast, and a portion to give.
        Rejoice in all giving. Rejoice!

Synopsis of the Trilogy "CREATOR"
Introduction for Publisher CREATOR Passages

Synopsis of volume one - ENERGY FROM THE SOURCE

The book commences with a brief introduction to the history of the volume and a selection of texts concerning the Michael Entity.

Chapter One deals with Creator, the process and attributes of creation which in effect predates the story of Genesis.

Chapter Two discusses the setting of the heavenly host and the re-incarnating human soul. It outlines the levels and settings the souls travel in their journey to union with Creator, the realm of the angels and the function and constraints of spirit guides, followed by four charts which graphically elucidate the journey of a soul.

Chapter Three is devoted to earth existence, its purpose, manifestations and applicable rules. This chapter broadly discusses the purpose of human life and the context of the Divine plan, death, and re-incarnation. It goes on to discuss the requirements for soul growth, the concepts of Purity, acceptance, karma, Truth and Negativity.

Chapter Four deals with healing - both spiritual and physical. It includes a discussion of the power of colors, ritual and meditation.

Chapter Five deals with prophecies and visions not unlike those in the Old Testament.

An appendix includes a brief glossary of unusual terms used in the text.

The text comprises approximately 43,000 words.

Synopsis of volume two - SO SHALL IT BE

The book opens with a selection of texts concerning the significance of the trilogy in the greater context of the divine plan.

Chapter One deals with alternate life forms on planet earth (such as Jinn, whales, dolphins) and on other worlds (aliens such as Pleiadians, Galatians, Lemurians and Gummerians) discussing their purpose and intent when interacting with earth.

Chapter Two discusses the function, means and purpose of humanity within the larger framework of physical and spiritual creation. The text exhorts humanity to seek an ever greater Purity and describes the means to achieve it. Next are extensive prophecies warning of the impending disasters which will follow unless Negativity is brought under control by humanity. The spiritual afterlife in transition and the final destination of the soul are also discussed in this chapter. An illustration of the purpose of humanity is appended to this chapter.

Chapter Three explores the relationship between the spirit world and life on earth, including the symbiotic relationship between human earth life and the various levels of the spirit world reaching unto Godhead and beyond.

Chapter Four describes the various levels of the spirit world, ranging from souls of level five - who no longer need to reincarnate - to saints, the angelic host and the positions of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed in relation to Creator.

Chapter Five deals with the unity of all creation and the purpose of humanity in the larger context of the divine plan, the saving of the Blessed Ones who had intervened to awaken the inert worlds, limit the range of Negativity, and the evolution of all creation which leads unto Godhead.

The text comprises approximately 68,000 words.

Synopsis of volume three - UNTIL THEN

Chapter One discusses the symbiotic path of interdependent creation and explains the unique function which humanity has volunteered to fulfill. A collage of the timetable of man is appended.

Chapter Two expounds on the state of illusion imposed by pervading Negativity and details the specific purpose for which humanity was created.

Chapter Three deals with the nature of, and support by, other worlds and aliens in the context of humanity's purpose on earth.

Chapter Four details the spiritual support system available to humanity in this cosmic battle with Negativity, describes the gathering of those in spiritual purity who will be spared the ensuing time of troubles in order to heal the battered planet and ends with more visions and prophecies concerning the intervening brief time. A painting of Purity is appended.

Chapter Five describes the new cosmic order which will prevail for a thousand years and lead up to a new creation.

The text comprises approximately 60,000 words.

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