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1        May 28, 1998 
The boundaries and vistas of earth have little count.
Soul, it is simple - it has Truth, Purity and Love.
You have been thus in the Far Side.
You have been thus in the station of learning.
Soul, there are stations of stations of stations.
Some stations have only to do with the individual life.
May you understand clearly that many lives are involved
        in the weave of a single life.
Know that Purity is a part of the plan.
As the growth occurs, the stations have more power.
Did you think that power was Negativity?
Know power has Truth.
Power is.
Is not the Energy all powerful?
Soul, behold Purity!
Even as you are in your purest self, you could not abide the Purity
        that flows from the Energy of your Creator.
Know that only as you progress within the lives of self
        do you begin to understand the magnitude,
        the greatness of what is IS.
Creator has not been but the single flower,
        the sweetness of that flower, the tender petal,
        the intricacy of the seed within.
Know Creator has not but made the orb upon which you stand.
Know, Soul, Creator has not but made the Void,
        worlds upon worlds, worlds upon worlds,
        Energy that flows in great Purity,
        and you all have been a part of this Purity.
You are, here, a part of this Purity.
You are pure.
Accept the pureness of self and see the Holiness that you are
        and know that the lesson abounds beyond the frailty
        of the world you are in.
Know the vastness of all that is, is Light,
        Light of such pureness that we could not guess.
And yet we know this Light, we feel this Light, we accept this Light.
Souls, there is purpose to all.
There is purpose beyond husband and wife and child.
There is purpose within the universe.
The fibres that you are reach out in tentacles to the great universe.
Soul, know the vibrancy of all you are
        and be wrapped in the nurturing of Creator.
Love is pure, Love abides!

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2        March 25, 1996 
Interest in human behaviour is vital.
This is the walk of man.
This is the purpose of the Soul upon the planet earth -
        to feel and experience all human behaviours and senses.
The Soul is struggling in an onward feat to hear the step
        that is forward moving.
The Soul who does not hear, lives again this life
        to repeat the lesson the Soul-self has put before it.
All true matter searches for the Energy
        that takes the Path to creation.
Useless to prevent the walk.
It is going to happen.
It will occur.
Senseless to say "Leave me."
It is the Path the human plans so as to take the forward step.
Know the straight line seldom happens.
The course is not easy and the Soul is to be tested in growth,
        little steps, giant steps.
As the world evolves so do those human steps.
When the Path is set at station,
        the Soul is given the tools to carry it forward to a finish.
When the Soul chooses not to use the tools,
        or sets a separate Path, it is the Soul's step.
Useless to try to test that Soul.
It is for that Soul only.

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3        April 8, 1999 
The Energy is Energy.
Creation is Energy.
Energy is from the place you were cast out.
The fragment of Energy, Souls of great Purity
        who in a desire to grow in the Energy of self,
        to emanate Light of goodness, of Love,
        chose the separation
        as you have chosen to be in your earth place.
Why would a Soul of Purity wish to dwell upon your earth place?
Why would a Soul who is wrapped in the Love of Creator
        choose to leave that Love?
As your being is infinitesimal, even in the space of Creator,
        it is but a speck upon the Energy of all that is.
And to be cast from that Energy as creation is always creating,
        so that jot, that tittle, that was cast
        may grow in the Light of its being,
        and the Purity, as it is taken unto the Creator,
        is a blessedness that is offered to the Energy.
It is the only purpose of being cast.
It is choice that empowers the being of self.
Your Essence is ever that Holy Holy Holy,
        and as it gathers unto itself a giving, a righteousness in Love,
        so it becomes an offering of total Love.

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4        August 13, 1998  
Soul, to be in Purity is to be in the Soul-self.
Purity is the Path of being.
Purity is the avenue that takes a Soul to Creator.
The Energy source is Love.
The Path to Love is Purity, and the way to the Path is Truth.
Can you not see, Soul?
All life must travel in Truth to come to the source of the Energy.
Ego is not evil.
Do not cast yourself out because of ego.
Ego has Truth.
It acknowledges a placement in Purity.
Soul, be not astounded that the world has written volumes
        on the word Purity.
Purity is avenue, route, street, Path to the stars,
        Path through the Void, the Sacred Place,
        the place of devotion, the place of sanctity.
Purity is as soft as a newborn babe,
        as the feather down on a newborn chick.
As the sands that are in the seas' circumference,
        is as of the complexity of Purity
        and as the ocean becomes one,
        so does Purity become one with Love.
Soul, endeavour not to fold the hands with idleness,
        for idleness will not take the Path of Purity.
Be brought to the Path of Purity by continued devotion
        to the movement of self toward all that is Love.
Be in the space of your Creator
        and know that Purity of mind
        is the acknowledgement of Truth.
Purity of Soul is the acknowledgement of self.
Soul, all is one and one is all.
One can not be without the other.
There is a singleness of mind and it is outward to others.

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5        October 22, 1998 
The depth of darkness is upon the earth
        and the vision of Light available to the Soul
        has a vast line of inadequacies that need, Souls of earth, to be corrected.
Peer from where you are down to the depths of darkness
        and each Soul lift his brother.
You have but to glance over the shoulder to see the Soul in darkness.
You have but to offer a word of goodness instead of criticism.
You have but to take the coat from the peg, that is unused,
        and pass it to the brother.
You have but to share the plate that you have.
Souls of earth, there is illuminescence
        within the Soul of each earth being.
The Light from that illuminescence would radiate beyond the sun
        if the Soul had Far Side Purity.
Soul, strive!
Strive to be in the Light of that Purity.
Joy would overcome darkness and Light would fill the Void
        and the need for negativity would cease.
Souls of earth, abound within the halo of Light,
        within the illuminescence of goodness,
        of Energy, of Purity, Truth and Love.
There is no test to your step.
There is no mark given for deeds done.
The only measure that you will find will be within self.
Souls of negativity gather unto them the darts of evil.
Soul, treasure not a second or a third or a fourth,
        but give a second, a third or a fourth.
Time is allotted, time is measured.
Time is a space where deeds are done or undone.
Time is the value where growth or karma
        are delivered to the Register.
The Angel at the Gate, Gabriel, does not push a Soul downward.
He does not refuse entrance to the Gateway.
Gabriel stands as the Angel of Purity
        to welcome the goodness of the Soul.
Were the Soul not to measure up to that state of Purity,
        the Soul could not be found within the state of awesomeness.
Holy Holy Holy!
The core of every being has Holy.
To be in the footstep where Angels tread
        is to be found in the state of Holy.
Soul, derision is not Holy, reflected darts are not Holy.
Brutality, greed and avarice are not Holy.
Abound in holiness, speak with soft words.
Allow the beauty of self to be in the step of Angels.

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