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August 27, 2002

To His Holiness, Pope John Paul II,

A channelled request from St. Germaine.

"Give a blessing of earth reality unto earth.
Take that which has been long dead and return it to life,
          for the candle under the bushel will go out.
The candle brought forward will ignite all others unto it.
Take thou, not from the coffers,
          take the most precious possession within the Vatican.
Transfer it into monies and open the door to those gathered
          and give what is most precious unto my people.
To the most destitute, give that which is the richest in raiment,
          and the Light which enters forth from thy deed
          will alter the path of all religions.
You, who have the power of the Father,
          have only the power to dismount that which has been mounted.
You have been the unction of that which is blessed,
          have the power to reveal the motion of the Blessed.
You have the power to extend the Angel's Gift."

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