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The momentous events of 11 September 2001 and their inescapable aftermath are prompting us to release excerpts from an unpublished manuscript of a trilogy of verbatim channellings recorded over the past years. While the full text deals comprehensively with the settings and challenges facing mankind in the context of creation as a whole, we felt the need to share the dire warnings which have been issued from the Spirit world lest we ignore the call to Love our fellow men.

The dates indicate when we had received the prophecies.

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For further prophecies see Prophecies 2

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            27 August 2002          
Is prophecy Writing on the Wall?
It is not the Writing on the Wall.
It is that which mankind can change, it is alterable.
We plead with earth to alter that which is negative.
Soul, the Timetable of man has been reached.
Man has not acknowledged it has been reached.
The Purity is gathered and the time for Entering In has begun
          and earth has begun the swirl.

2 1.       7 March 1997          
Bring thyself forward.
Be thou within the Circle of Saints.
Hear the agenda, the Timetable that is Farside.
Allow the Lemurian to speak:
          "Holy ones, how can we alter the pain of earth?
          Holy ones, how can we make an impact that will be grand enough
          that it will save the pain of people and animals?
          And what of the birds that fly in the sky?
          What will their fate be?
          How may we help?"

Earth Soul, know thy being and know thy thought.
Allow thy thought to have no evil within.
Place no evil word upon a human.
Hold thyself so others may behold a righteous leader of Truth.
Prepare thy being at dawn to be in the space of total goodness.
Utter no unkind word before thee.
Rather to bite thy tongue than to utter shallow words
          unto any living Soul.
When thou art in thy home, be Holy, be not cast down.
Energize thyself with meditation.
Energize thyself with the knowledge that thou art a Holy being.
Know that you will enter out of your door vibrant to Souls about you.
Know that they will speak to the power of your Energy
          and will say simply: "How well you appear!
          How have you found it so easy to be so?"

And you, Soul, will enlighten their being.
All things are done with patience.
You may take yourself to a housetop and spew of your Purity
          and all will point a finger and say:
          "What is this mad Soul who stands and spews of his Purity?"
But if you enter out of your home with only the countenance of goodness
          and utter no unkind word, have no unkind thought,
          give all that you may unto your fellow man,
          see a need and fulfill it, Souls will seek you out,
          will pattern their lives after you.
It will be an issuing forth of glad tidings.
The day has come to save earth.
Only in the singleness of one will earth be saved.
And only as one meets another in the coming together of goodness
          will the world, as you know it, see enlightenment.
The Gathering Time, the course of humanity, is set.
The pain will touch many lives.
The earth cannot carry the weight of such relentless negativity.
The United States of America will be brought to a face of battle.
Souls, look to the west.
The blessed Circle of Saints would relieve all pain,
          but the purpose of your being is not to relieve your pain,
          it is to relieve the pain of the Blessed Ones.
What you do, you do willingly.
No man has put your Energy into the battle.
Bless man for the Energy done.

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2.       3 December 1998          
Enter into peace.
Enter into the peace of eternity.
Soul, all earth will roil, all earth will rock, all ovens will erupt
          and earth will know Hades.
All time is to be altered.
The sea will move deeply into lands of desert.
The height of sea will climb to rolls of giant monuments.
Ice of the north will meet the seas of the south
          and desecration of high buildings will be fortuitous
          for the end will come quickly.
Land that is low will raise up and land that is high
          will enter the downward spiral.
And earth will cry and mother will cast her child aside
          to grab for life.
And beings of Purity will enter into the kraal of Purity.
Souls will weep and lament
          and the great monument of Lincoln will fall in a moment.
And the House of Windsor will be cast down.
And the kneeling place of Mohammed will lose its power
          and be found in the sea.
Communication will be found to have stability only upon the rock,
          and great whales will be found in the inland sea
          and used for flesh.
Humanity, all pain and dread will be felt at the throat of man
          and still man will be in greed and voracity of ignorance,
          raping and lashing.
And Souls of Purity will be lifted up and the vibration of your being
          will move you upward into the levitation of Time and space,
          into the spaceless Time of ever and ever.
          Souls, all earth moves, all earth sobs: "Hear!"
It is the break of too late.
Hear the knell!
Hear the knell of the end of time and space
          and know the re-entry will have great power.
And beings will be re-born to replenish
          and sacredly keep the trust of earth.
Today is today!
Do in today that which cannot be done in tomorrow.

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3.       21 January 1999          
Souls of earth, behold the vision of your passing,
          the flow of gentleness brought by Souls uplifted in Purity,
          and the vision of depth of pain and agonies
          brought on by countless Souls who have chosen
          to walk far from the Path.
The great Grandfather brings to the people the feather of foreboding.
We have seen the fields of green become lashing waves.
We have seen the mighty mountain range rend itself in twain.
We have visioned the foodless land where all that was is no more,
          where Souls engorge the rotting carcass of whale in delight.
Man is walking a fearful path.
Man smites upon the earth.
All beings will gather to mountaintops,
          and the rains will bring them downward.
Only the Purity will uplift the Soul
          and allow the knowledge to be caught in a frame of six days.
On the seventh day the earth will right itself, but light will be beheld
          as many candles of evil will ignite and spew forth
          unto an already desecrated land, anguish and pain.
See the great evil.
Know the coming of the tide of time.
Earth has been warned.
Earth is being warned yet again.
Find the peacemaker and hear the words of the peacemaker.
In the turmoil of earth's pain and anguish, two coats will not serve.
Two beds will not serve.
Two bowls of food will not serve.
The hands of earth reach out in loud tormented screams.
The children anguish in their bodies.
Suffer all children to be fed.
Suffer all children to be clothed.
Suffer all children to have shelter and know earth to be accountable
          and all Energy to be formed
          and come together in grace before Creator.
Use the feather now to bring the nations to peace,
          and circle the globe of earth with balance
          that it might not rotate.
The day of reckoning is approaching
          and evil is accepted casually within this space of your day.
Bless the house your are in by the Purity that shines from it, not into it.

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4.       22 April 1999          
Souls of earth, vanquish from your being tears for self.
Allow tears to well up within you for the state of earth.
Allow tears to well up within you for the state of man.
Place your hands in supplication
          and know that the Energy about you radiates with Holy Beings,
          and know that the hands may hold the gift of Purity to place,
          and the stench of mankind's evil will not bear
          the state of such Purity.
For in the place of Angels, man must hide his eyes.
Blessed be the Holy man who offers his being
          in supplication to the Almighty.
Blessed is the man who seeks not the apparition,
          but clears the curtain of iniquity
          and becomes enlightened at the font of Purity.
Souls, we gather the gems of mankind's Purity
          and we are connected to the Gathering Time.
It is in our place that you shall see the beads
          from the Hem of our Creator.
We are earth's messengers.
Redemption is always a gift that is possible.
It is the opening of the curtain of Purity
          and within the state of that Purity you shall see the Christ
          and His form shall be witnessed.
And the Love of Buddha, and the blessed Footsteps of Mohammed,
          and the countenance of Krishna,
          shall be found in the four corners of earth.
And earth will be as a great Prism,
          for the countenance of the Four Purities
          will reach down and lift up the goodness that is.

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5.       15 July 1999          
Soul, from the register of Galatia!
Souls of earth, indeed, many have come into our space.
The agreement is always, force is not a part of our being.
We cannot place it but thus in your space.
Soul, the hands of your earth existence have imprint,
          the aura of your earth existence has imprint.
Were the eye to be used, it would read,
          written upon the imprint of your eye,
          the volition of entering in to the space of alien.
Behold, it is thus written upon the planet of earth:
          "Souls will be drawn for research reasons
          unto six separate worlds."

These worlds are gathered as one in purpose.
The purpose of these worlds is one lift of mankind, to lift Purity.
You think you are full of knowledge?
Feeble, feeble Souls!
We ourselves do not contain all knowledge.
We contain only the knowledge to the level that we are.
The level of our being is four.
You, Soul, in your space, in your Purity, have a higher Truth.
Does that not astound you?
Be not astounded.
We revere your intenseness, we honour your placement.
We could not see to your Purity, and yet we would lift your beings
          at that time of great purpose.
What purpose, you say?
The purpose of the last battle of Negativity upon the outer regions,
          and then all Purity will cast its eye unto transition
          and the Souls lost in the bottomless pit.
All eternity will reach into the dregs of pain and free Souls
          and lift Souls, once again, unto goodness.
Your frontiers reach unto space.
Our frontiers reach into the depths of pain.
Your frontiers seek to find another earth.
Our purpose is to release the pain of all, for creation is one and many.
It is fragmented.
Your fragment, earth, is but a minute particle.
Souls, the orb upon which you dwell is in great chaos.
Deep within the ocean, a giant gap emerges
          and rumbles and rumbles and rumbles,
          and into your atmosphere will flow gaseous material,
          and the seas will cast down.
Sri Lanka will be no more.
Holland will be no more.
The floods will enter the central plains and draw the swirls of the sea
          to lap against the canyon walls
          and flow mightily forth to the sea once again.
The land of Russia will enter into Asia,
          and Alaska will find itself connected
          to the great mountain of Japan.
No Soul can withstand the darkness in this week of night,
          for breath will leave
          and the taste of acid will be the downward breath.
The pure of earth will be lifted and the man of cloth who says
          "I am pure. Hold me up. I have spoken to many"
          will find himself left.
And the urchin of the street of your despicable drug trade will be lifted
          and see the balding head of his tormentor.
The babe will be lifted from the crib
          and the mother will search frantically for the child,
          but she will not look up because she has only looked down;
          her eyes are blinded to the up.
Souls of earth, many have been brought unto the landing stations.
Many have felt the probe.
We have not all the answers at our level.
Creation is creation and the Creator is almighty,
          but, forgive us, we are not almighty.
In the gift of their being they have offered unto earth
          the honour of their being, to be brought into our space
          that we might probe for the right intensity,
          that we might protect our field of Energy.
Our beings could not withstand the negativity.
It is not uncomplicated to lift an entire earth population.
We endeavour with all Souls to instill the will to be pure
          that earth would be redeemed,
          but the hands are clenched and the mind of earth is closed.
Behold, it is a gift we give.

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6.       9 December 1999          
Soul, Michael will teach the fear of man,
          the negativity that enters into the passions of humanity.
Know, Soul, that all turmoil will be from fear,
          all turmoil will be from anger.
It is the evil of man that will cause Souls to hide their beings.
In all temperate zones there will be violence upon the flesh.
There will be looting, there will be vicious attacks of man upon man.
Souls, prepare a table of simplicity, for the time is to recount the self
          and know the avenue that will be ongoing,
          for the next millennium
          will have flagrant choices against righteousness.
Sin will abound and the earth will cough three times
          and from that cough spew forth darkness
          that will give noxious pain - once in South America,
          once in the Americas, and once in lower Europe.
All earth needs a return unto righteousness.
The United States of America must not lose place with Creator
          when, in small cavities of the land, insurrection is arising.
When this land gives up faith to Creator, this land will cease to be.
Mighty nations must remain mighty in Purity
          or sustain the whirlwind of great negativity.
Behold, the wind will be tumultuous.
It will arouse the greater sleeping buildings to sway
          and visit the least, all that is, for it will be brought back.
He who resides with the canisters of death
          will bring his nation down.
Great sobs, wailing of unfleshed skin,
          what was inward will be outward.
Soul, look at thy people!
Man, seek not the heart of self, seek the heart of thy people.
Lo, pluck the infant from the mother's breast,
          and hold the child high
          and offer unto the child of thy nation, Purity of heart,
          for, Soul, the time of accountability moves forward in thy being.
Prepare ye the way, it will be turning and earth spewing forth,
          and in some great centres will be total peace.
In those Texts of Purity, man will see what man may be.
Seek sustenance of Purity.
Seek to sustain the Soul not the earth being.
Confound no man with piety, but linger in the cause of Truth.

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7.       18 April 2000          
Soul, hear a passage of time.
Do not take refuge in the great wind.
Do not take refuge in the high water.
Do not place survival upon the sea, for, behold, before the rains come,
          the Soul has acknowledged its destiny.
There will be great winds, there will be scourges of pain
          when the tongue of man will engorge,
          and the throat will parch, and the lips will split,
          and Souls will seek ointments
          to place upon that which bleeds water.
There will be found no ointment to stem the secretion that flows
          and Souls will seek to pour into the parched throat
          that which would ease the pain,
          and the Soul will find no remedy,
          and the healers of the Gathering will come
          and bless the Souls in multitudes.
And all that has been separated will bind itself unto self,
          and the Souls will utter words of praise,
          and the Souls will acknowledge their higher being.
Earth has always drawn calamity and calamity and calamity,
          but earth will shed a tear that will wash
          so the oceans will rise and all that have fear and stench
          will be washed in the great cry of earth,
          and the flow will encircle the globe.
"El Nino!" they cry.
Lo, it will be a new name, the name of ever and ever and ever.
From the step of a small child unto the raising of a man,
          there is continual growth.
The growth of man is for one purpose -
          to be blended with all creation unto itself,
          creator unto creator, blessedness unto blessedness.
As with the child, there is a single step, then there are two, and three,
          and there is a run.
The earth is now at run, and soon the child will become man
          and the accomplishments of man will begin.
Who shall be saved in the great calamity
          that will overtake the station of earth?
All beings who have entered in to the covenant
          the Creator has offered unto man.
Man shall not be overcome
          except by man's indifference to Oneness of all creation.

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8.       April 25, 2000          
There are upon earth four decades of vision.
There are four decades of turmoil.
There will be a need to gather protection from sulfuric gases.
There will be a need to protect from high walls of water
          and great winds that will draw negativity.
There will be four years in each ten of plague.
There will be four years in each ten of famine.
There will be two years to grow and put away.
Each progressive year will be of greater proportion in disaster
          than the next.
Souls will learn to lift their feet and their beings will raise themselves
          and feel the buoyancy of their Energy,
          for they will reach up and utter:
          "Save me! Save me! Save me!"
And in the reaching up they will alter their being
          and know the negative spiral to be altered.
Many will be born with webbed hands and feet
          and earth will say it is because the land is wet,
          and others will say it is because the land is dry.
But the same land will always be wet,
          and the same land will always be dry.
And lips will parch and the mothers will bleed at the breast
          and the young will suck mucus instead of milk.
And mothers will cry"Take my young that they may live!"
And the hoards of insects will enter in
          and only in containers of glass will food be safe.
For rodents the size of dogs will cast their vermin
          and the Souls will plead as Job once pleaded:
          "Enough! Enough!"
And the time will wane and the Souls will be gathered
          to the Mountaintop that has been prepared.
Each of the seven vortexes is the hallowed place of Flow.
It is being purified and blessed by Saints.

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9.       8 May 2000          
We speak, Souls, from the great circle.
Our beings vision earth in a singular motion,
          our energies will align with those of earth.
Our beings are caught in the very bosom of creation.
From our stance we seek to see the value of humanity.
There is, within earth, a guardian people
          who have hovered often about your beings.
They have brought their being into your space.
Behold, I am such a being.
Behold, I have vision of earth agony.
Behold, the vortex of Hawaii will be cast asunder.
Behold, the vortex of New Zealand will be cast asunder.
Behold, the vortex of Madagascar will be cast asunder.
Behold, Crete will rise up to Everest, and Everest will be as Crete.
There is, within earth, a decay.
From six feet below one third of planet earth are toxins, uncontrolled.
The sea has begged to be allowed to live and the beings of the sea
          have strangulated the agonies entering in.
The battle has begun.
Who is there to stand on the side of righteousness?
Who will take the mountaintop?
Our beings travel through light years.
You could not withstand our Purity.
We have darkened our being and the vibration of Purity
          allows the entering in to water, to the depth of all sea bottoms.
The Souls of great mammoths watch our coming and our going.
The tortoise beholds the painful end if earth does not rise up
          and demand a pure space for all living creatures.
Under the sign of Leo will come the great earth shake.
Under the sign of Scorpio will come the great wind.
Under the sign of Aquarius will come the incessant gnawing of bones.
Behold, who will dry the eye?
Who will carry the burden?
Unto whom may we offer survival?
The planet has only a time.
Refuse the pain to enter in.
Behold, speak humanity!
Old Souls of earth, hold the staff of righteousness in your hand.
Enter into the field of battle.

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10.       11 July 2000          
Souls of earth, enter into the waters.
Souls of earth, the pressure for earth Souls within the water is great.
The pressure for our Soul is buoyant.
Our being is as your being.
It holds pain.
Our flesh, as your flesh, holds pain.
The waters of our memory were crystalline, and the flow was buoyant
          and now the flow is heavy and carries the froth upon the wave,
          and deception in the water.
And our babies are as your babes.
We are mothers and fathers, as you are mothers and fathers,
          and our beings weep when our young are lost,
          and our young have been lost.
Earth, value the wave that washes upon the shore of earth,
          for in the wave is the total existence of your being.
          When you contaminate the wave, you contaminate life.
When you contaminate the wave,
          earth rejects the negativities spewed upon it,
          and the night of darkness bursts forth.
None will stand on the night of darkness,
          only those on Mountaintops will vibrate their being.
Upon earth, purities will be lifted up
          and those who await the moment of lifting
          have been alerted that time draweth nigh.
Man is burrowing into the ground
          and placing contamination within the ground
          and man is anchoring to the seabed, contamination,
          and time erodes all negativities, and these also will be eroded.
And man cannot withstand the hazard placed before them.
The sound of the sea is endless.
Our voice carried itself from sea to sea to sea,
          and now it is stopped by the metals within the sea.
It intones itself against the metals and the sound is silenced
          in its echo of the wave.
But the sound of earth is not stopped.
The sound of earth is caught in the great gush of tears
          that will come from the bowels of earth.
Earth, your planet is our planet,
          it is the planet of all species.
You cause Souls to die, you cause your young to be deformed.
You create entrances to earth where none should be,
          and the fish that are in the deep have cankers,
          and the flesh is soft and sterile.
Look at that which you pull from the sea
          and know it is with you for only a short while
          and the basket of the sea will be empty.
          Look at the land and know that the sun will not shine,
          and create mould upon that which would be eaten.
And Souls will clamour to find food, and many will lose their young,
          and whole countries will lose a generation of young.
Bless earth, Souls.
Let not our young pass in vain.

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11.       12 August 2000          
Souls of earth, understanding requires language.
The earth has brought confusion unto the mouth
          because the language torments understanding.
Behold the language of Farside.
All beings understand as one, all knowledge requires no interpretation.
The language of vibration is visual to the eye of Purity.
Behold, the language is understood.
From first level Farside unto Creator, unto Godhead,
          no language barrier exists.
There is Oneness.
There is, Soul, only Oneness.
Earth has, before earth is done, a singular language.
The language will take the form of Asian.
It will be brought by Souls of China unto all lands.
It will be brought to the place of New York and the Souls of earth
          will look at the configurations of the Chinese and renew,
          through earth computer, the words which are spoken.
And children will be taught in the learning field
          the second language of earth.
And in a time, all earth together will state through agreement,
          the dropping of their first language.
          All monetary monies will come as one.
All buildings that carry a flag will carry only a unified flag of earth.
It will be adopted from the Olympic flag.
All Souls will carry upon their being, a mark.
It will be designated upon the right shoulder.
It will be a place of curatives.
It will hold identity in a single mark.
All Souls will be brought under one leadership,
          the leadership will be Ural Earth.
The Souls of earth will find food difficult, for the bins will be empty
          and the Energy will lag.
Meat will no longer be eaten except in the outer territories
          and Souls will find the land where animals have grazed,
          to be brought to grains and legumes and fruits of the vine.
And man will know a curse upon the flesh.
It will come from the eating of meat.
It will come as a slight rash which is visible between the fingers
          and the toes and the groin,
          and man will see only the slight eruption,
          but the inward growth will reach and decay the body.
Souls of earth, attribute Purity to no other than thyself.
Souls of earth, speak with a voice of Truth.
Do not raise the sword to lessen a life,
          but learn to live so that all Souls may be lifted as one.
Behold, there is none better than the other.
Behold, there is no high or low.
All men pass through the same impurities,
          all men are given the same opportunity.
Behold, do not speak on bended knee
          and turn the back to do an ill to mankind.
Enter each Soul into the Purity of thy being, for thou art sacred.
The Creator of thy being gazes upon His creation
          and bestows Energy to revitalize the fallen
          and lift thy being unto His own.
Mankind, hear that which is ominous:
          the noontide has passed and the evening is falling away,
          and the desolation is entering in as a knell
          that is heard in the far off hills.
And who will see the trees bend to the ground,
          and who will see the waves reach to the mountaintop
          and not recognize that earth has been challenged
          by goodness and negativity?
Behold, goodness is enlightenment of being.
Draw thou, men, unto an enlightenment of being.
Put not thy words of anger upon the small child.
Place not the right hand against the left hand in devotion
          and speak ill in the offing.
Souls of earth, the great knell has sounded and is in the great pyramids.
Mankind has drawn the blood of many,
          mankind has spewed forth in anger and pain.
Reach not unto another in meanness of heart,
          but reach unto thine brother to behold in him
          the goodness that is in thyself,
          and know a oneness in the coming together.
Almighty thou art to be.
Behold the seed of Purity that thou art and burst forth
          in abundant goodness, to enrich the lives of all in thy space.
Let no casualness pass thy mouth,
          but know intent for the goodness of all.
Each day of earth, each moment of earth, is timed.
Behold how man is Loved,
          that all opportunities of goodness are offered unto thee.
Creator would lift thee from the mire and raise thee
          unto the bosom of goodness.
But in the raising of thy being, thou wouldst lose the opportunity
          of saving the Blessed Ones, for which thou hast come.
Blessed is man before Creator.

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12.       19 September 2000          
The level five is five.
All beings at the Gathering will stand.
Souls, recognize Ayers Rock.
Recognize the accountability of mankind.
Recognize the receiving of the sound.
The resonance of the sound will be tumultuous
          and earth will be astounded at the resonance that comes forth
          as men stand upon the rock.
The beings of level five will also stand upon the rock.
Souls of earth, oneness is creation,
          but no one Soul is creation,
          no five Souls are creation.
Level five is the Purity, the attainment of humanity.
All will be, who have attained the level five,
          entering in to the Energy Field of earth.
And earth will receive the resonance of clarity.
Nations will raise standards to invite the alien to speak
          and not know that they are speaking to the oneness of themselves.
Souls of earth, how fragile is your existence,
          how tender is the seed that is nourished by all beings of Farside.
Souls of earth, hold thy being, not in contemplation,
          but open thy being to the vastness of where thou art.
Behold, our Energy is your Energy.
Soul, you are one with the Michael.
Your beings are of the same Energy.
Souls, lift thy Energy and know thyself.
Lift thy Energy and behold, the rock will become clear.
It is, Soul, in the vibration of Souls that the Keys will enter in.
It is in the acceptance of all Purity.
Behold thy being, behold the awareness of thy being.
Souls of earth, tremble not, tremble not at what will be,
          but invite thy being to know that which is.
You are radiant.
You are beloved.
Souls of earth, we invite your being to Ecstasy.
Souls of earth, be thou pure.

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13.       24 January 2001          
"Soul, we have come from the distant sphere. We may speak to you?
Soul, we are Jinn.
Soul, we have been Farside through earth.
Soul, earth has three areas of great pain ready to be relieved:
          Central Europe, Brazil, Philippines.
All areas hold great negativity.
All areas are infiltrated with negative Souls abounding.
Earth will send a spew to remind humanity of that
          which must be done.
Know, Soul, the three will be the first of twelve.
Know the wave will come high and the Soul will be severed in two.
Know the great trees will pinion buildings.
Know that Hawaii will bear the brunt of the great storm.
It will wash up to shore a grey ship, a memorial of evil done.
Know that within Alaska will come a heat
          that will react upon the coast of California.
Know the blessed whale will ride belly up for sixteen days.
Know the loss of most of one pod to disease.
Souls of earth, recognize as you speak, your oil delivers great pain.
Know, Soul, that oil once again will deliver pain.
A rupture will enter the northern territories and spew upon the land.
Wildlife will be altered.
Soul, count the fingers on one hand
          and know for five days the spew will come forth.

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14.       14 February 2001          
Humanity! Be still and listen to the rhetoric you speak.
Humanity, face thy beings and ask thyself:
          "Where is the Love of thy God in thee?
          How do you hold a gun, a rock, a bomb
          and speak of God, of Allah, of Creator?"

          The Energy from which you have come is Love,
          Love that has bestowed you to the earth you are in,
          Love that welcomes you back.
Souls of earth, put aside your weapons.
Make your swords into ploughshares and till the land
          to feed the starving.
Work together to the glory of your Creator.
Welcome the neighbour over the hill to come to your vineyard
          and partake of the wine.
Laden him with food and drink and clothing
          and, as he departs, place a blessing upon his back.
Earth, if you are blind you cannot see the colour of the skin,
          the long or the short nose, the length of hair.
Souls of earth, in a moment of your negativity,
          earth could be blinded by the great light of negativity.
What is time?
Earth time is measured in the amount of Purity man can absorb.
Earth time would cease and all glory be given
          if man would dwell in Purity.
The quell of earth would rest and the clock would stop
          and timeless reality would be.
Where will you take your anger next?
Who will slaughter whom?
Who will lift the vial of poison?
Has earth not rocked enough?
Must earth rock until the seas rise before man will hear?
It is time for time to stop.
It is time for all earth to see only brother and sister,
          to see friend and fellow.
Gather you together the salvage of all iniquities and offer it up
          to the space of Creator
          and Creator will purify all that you have given
          and replace the negative Energy with the pure Light of Creator.
North and south and east and west,
          the high mountains and the low valleys,
          the river beds and the desert flats,
          all will light in a flash.
And all eyes will cease to see for a period of thirty six hours
          and man will fumble in the darkness of his own making
          and Souls who have been deep in the ground will come forth
          and say: "What has created the flatness of the land
          and what is the stench that pricks our nose
          and where have the people gone?"

Souls of earth, humanity, Farside impels the Souls of earth
          to redirect their force of Energy.
We gaze longingly at the army of earth.
It is time for the battle to cease.
It is time for the wars to end.
The scars are deep and visible and now, humanity,
          you have learned much.
All that you despise, all that has pained your being,
          all great beards, heed the lesson.
Know the time to set the clock to stop is now.
Do not enter in one nation to his brother and ask for peace.
Ask for peace within your very nation.
Turn your eyes to thyself.
Speak to thy fellow countrymen and uphold all that is good.
Cease to find fault with thy neighbour
          and seek to find goodness in thy being.
Offer to any who ask that which you can spare.
Souls of earth, know in your being it is Love that you are.
Know in your being it is your Creator's Love that you are.
Purity and Truth, it is the purpose of your existence.
Holy ones, the stench will be great.
The vileness will bring down all that you Love.
How much do you hate your neighbour?
Enough to slaughter your fellow man?
Love thy neighbour as thyself.

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15.       14 February 2001          
Souls, witness the progress of earth's land exchange.
Souls, Alaska will break away.
The source of the mighty waves will draw El Nino
          unto the Arctic Sea.
The Arctic Sea will spew great rocks forth
          that have lived eons within bergs.
The Soul will see from planes, the great wall of the sea
          wash over the Northwest Territories, Siberia, Sweden, Norway.
All upper regions will be inundated by heights of great waters.
Souls of earth, the seas will develop an algae
          that will eat at the flesh of great mammals.
They will rise and float and expose the vulnerability
          of their being to the sky.
Souls will read the echo of pain and ships will echo the pain.
The sun will skew in the sky
          and the corpses will be as the great southern sea
          for maggots and living will walk upon the dead.
And the sea will refuse the excrement it has spewed from its body
          and it will wash back upon the land from which it came.
And man will hold his hands idle, and old Souls will busy themselves.
A few will speak and the words will be unaccepted,
          and the bodies will bend, and illnesses will hold the forms
          in contorted states because of the vileness of the sea.
The rain will wash the great corpses
          and the floods will enter into the land,
          and the living sea will bring its dread unto the land,
          and the land will be scourged.
And humanity will find great sores upon the source they have
          and they will say, "Why has this come to us?
          Why are we scourged like the Egyptians?"

All earth will find the hands and the legs and the arms
          pitted with sores, as ulcers with great oozing sores.
And there will be no time for drugs, no time for medication.
And all hands will raise up to Creator
          and a mighty cry will be heard in the heavens above,
          and Creator will see His army of humanity and sob great Tears:
          ‘Soul, why do you not hear?
          Oh, Soul, why do you not hear?
          My Soul! My Soul!"

And the land will flood and in the land will come wind,
          and in three days the wind will clear the lands,
          and the Souls will heal and will say:
          "A miracle has been done for God has sent a miracle."
Soul, the rain will come from the skies in chemicals from a great cloud.
It will come from the lands of the Arab and the Jew and the Palestinian
          and the rain will pour upon the world
          and a miracle will be proclaimed,
          for the reign of terror will send earth a blessing.
Always is there a rainbow to earth.
And earth will be given yet another chance to adhere
          to the Writings on the Wall.
And earth will speak of the mission to humanity
          and humanity will draw themselves together and say,
          "We have done this one thing.
          We have created a union of healing and our brothers and sisters
          of the Jewish and Arab Nations have healed our being."

And Russia and Africa and China and the Americas, Australia,
          will look unto the Mount of Sacredness
          and the world will be stilled.
For seven Keys will be slotted into earth's common language
          and the deciphering will come in an instant,
          and the pattern of humanity will be clear,
          and all intention of earth will be clear.
And man will understand the vibration that is required
          and earth will start to energize their being.
Some will not hear, but many will enter in to the east.
Many will enter in to the Wisdom.
Many will be brought to vibration
          and the Souls will begin to alter that which is ill.
          and the Souls will begin to alter that which is dying and dead.
Beloved earth, all the pain can be erased with the knowledge of Purity.
The agenda will be done.
It is written on the Wall.

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16.       28 February 2001          
Indeed you have the Mountaintop.
Indeed, there are beings in Sweden
          that have a piece of the Mountaintop.
There are beings in India that have a piece of the Mountaintop.
There are beings in USA that have the Mountaintop.
There are beings in that which earth calls the cauldron,
          the boiling point of earth.
Within the blessed Mountaintop of Peru is one.
Within the land that the world fights, Palestine and Israel,
          there is a Mountaintop.
And, Souls of earth, words shall come forth unto man
          and be spoken and critiqued,
          and man will cast aside that which is written,
          and earth will shake and the buildings will fall,
          and the man will pick up once again that which is written.
And many times will man refer to that which is,
          and that which earth calls church will alter
          and humanity will wear the garb of peace.
And the arsenals of earth will be gathered,
          an encampment roundabout,
          and earth will be called a "war free" zone.
Souls of the Mountaintop will be heard,
          the voices of Purity where the Keys come forth, will be heard.
From under a tree came Buddha.
From a stable came Jesu.
From a wandering path came Mohammed.
From simplicity came Krishna.
Soul, when the Keys come forth and the force
          behind the Keys are Truth and Purity,
          the force will spread the vision unto all mankind.
Know you are the Mountaintop, for if you have understood you have beheld Purity.

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17.       28 March 2001          
New York City - violent shaking, great buildings fall,
          one of three great, severed halfway to ground.
Soul will warn earth.
Soul within France will poison the waterway
          and all Souls will suffer from the gaseous air that rises.
The pellets would be dropped by a foreign country
          by asserting themselves as friendly.
The Soul would be given permission to reside
          close to a complex of the main waterway.
Soul within the Soviet Union is taking steps
          to annihilate all beings of lesser Siberia.
Souls within the structure of Israel have denounced attempts at peace.
They will detonate, within the space of Iraq,
          a bomb of immense proportions.
The Souls led by a female president of the USA
          will seem to reach unto man for the wellness of man,
          but will entomb many within the walls of a building
          in the central part of the USA.
The Souls will be classified as nonexistent civilians.
Souls of the USA, of Australia, will both suffer great flooding,
          flooding of immense proportions.
From the flooding will come a pox.
The pox will touch one in six Souls.
A struggle by England will present a vaccine,
          but only after great desolation to population.
Souls of Siberia will feel a great warming,
          the water will melt beneath the tundra.
All Souls will breathe with fastness,
          a thinness of air will be directly related to Israel's bomb.
All of India will be sieged by Soviet, by China.
The Souls will reach into each others pockets to grasp at land.
China will refute by offering two bombs,
          each will be placed within its own borders to detonate.
Soul, all will occur within fifteen years
          if the Souls of earth do not enter into agreement.
The Souls of nations struggle to be separate instead of together.
See the land of the south as that which will remain
          most comfortable - South America.

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18.       15 May 2001          
Our Energy is many Quar beyond your own.
We have vision of your star.
You have not vision of where we are.
The cylindrical force of your orb is faulty, it must be addressed.
There is, Souls of science, a need to restrain
          the drain upon your earth atmosphere.
It is weakening the stability of your environment.
Your earth is not unlike our own.
We have, in our space, a constant sun.
It will not wither as will your own,
          for it will carry itself into the second flight.
There is an insignia obvious to all who approach our being.
We are marked in a manner that addresses the constancy of your planet.
We have, Soul, no extensions, we have no need.
We have total flight of being.
We are brought forward by momentum of Purity
          and our capacity to invigilate.
All tests of earth are known within the level of Purity.
We are drawn to your Purity.
We have a need to let earth know of the moment of desolation.
It is not our purpose to gather unto you pain.
It is our purpose to draw Souls of earth to a waking point,
          that they may see clearly the foreboding
          scratched deep into their form.
Souls of earth, our beings are drawn to the day of earth's travail.
There is a ground swell of liquefaction
          within the central points of USA.
It is submerged to the portion of three states:
          Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico.
The cost of life is unthinkable with the exception of a great mountain
          that will lift itself high and gather many.
As you have said, Souls of earth,
          how many times have the rattles been shaken?
How many times have the old ones chanted?
How many times have great Souls withered to extinction?
And yet man will not lift his eyes
          and know concern enough to alter the hole.
There will be three.
Earth will not contend with three.
Souls, see before you the ground swell that will bring down
          so much of humanity.
USA is not alone.
All earth will be fractured.
Beloved humanity, we do not have before us a crystal ball.
We have before us your replica, your sister world.
We know of the fragileness of your being.
Souls of earth, we extend our Energy to overcome the desolation.

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19.       29 May 2001          
Air! Cities are caught without air
          and breath comes in short intervals -
          Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Honolulu,
          in a swirl to San Francisco, Los Angeles,
          downward to Miami, Cuba, Bolivia.
Great cold enters the land.
The Souls will use a wash of glycerine
          to release from their skin the withered flesh.
The back will be caught and centred down,
          and people will walk as old men and old women.
There will be no place to cast a net,
          for the seas will be still for many days,
          and microscopic insects will lace the shores of many lands,
          and salt will not deter their advance.
The broad boot of Russia will meet the gun of China,
          and India will send a light that carries destruction aloft.
The fire in Canada will reach into the Territories,
          and no water will be had, nor Souls who could lift.
The time is in your summer of the new day and
          you have twelve years to alter the decay upon earth.

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20.       12 June 2001          
We come of a distant world unto your station.
We have been in the space of earth many times.
Our being has entered in to the deepest crevices of earth.
We have found the apertures that will disintegrate the earth.
We have brought the knowledge unto research
          and Souls are preparing to accommodate earth researchers
          in finding the ability to enter deeper into the craters of the sea.
There is a need to visualize the great depths,
          for mankind has endless food, nourishment, within these places.
There is a need to know the power abundantly there for mankind.
The source of the technology is simple.
There is a great discrepancy within earth over matters of Energy.
Earth has power in the lava flow.
Earth has power in the sea.
Earth will reach the knowledge of the deep
          and the Soul will be brought into the lesion of pain
          and be healed by simply using the water around the lava flow.
It contains the power to abundantly heal.
Souls of earth, we have seen, we have witnessed the waste products.
We have seen and witnessed the attempts to salvage.
There is a great need to clear the desert, for within the desert is a healing,
          and a flower that will grow that is medicinal unto man.
It is sedum.
Souls of earth, all pains, all physical abnormalities
          will be healed in the desert.
Sedum has the power of cancer healing, of breath healing,
          of lung healing, of prostate healing.
The bud of the first flower is to be collected prior to bloom.
Souls of earth, all research is done at Farside and a reflection is given.
It is a scientist with doctorate in botany
          that will proceed to bring earth its cure.
Earth does not require this pure healing power,
          for they have within their being a pure healing power.
It is called acceptance.
Treasure acceptance first.

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21.       18 September 2001          
Soul, all is discovery.
Your very being is discovery.
For as you live your old life, the knowledge that you will soon die
          will either permeate fear or a great sense of wellness.
Soul, earth humanity has taken the Farside to the Second Gateway.
We are profoundly indebted to the goodness of your being.
We have a greater understanding because of your temerity.
It is a key and a negative spume unleashed.
Earth, as the priest waiting for the new pope,
          looks at the chimney. Man has often looked at chimneys.
Who is the pope?
Wait for the spume to come forth.
How many have died in this day?
And now earth awaits a chimney and the chimney is huge.
We invite earth to vision into the Farside.
Souls of earth, we, Melchezidec, have been in your space
          since you were formed through Truth.
We have been at the Gateway of Creator
          and we have received blessings from the Angels
          for the endeavour of the bringing forth of Purity.
And, Souls, we have been permitted to glimpse within the Gateway
          and this we know: Godhead IS, Creator IS.
All realms of Farside have had an awakening, and even the few
          who have not looked to the extension of their being
          now know of the implosion to come,
          now are aware that when the sounding knell is administered to earth,
          when the blessed Flow is brought forth and the healing is done,
          earth will be the first to implode into the Second Gateway,
          a Quar beyond a Quar beyond a Quar.
All earths, all forms, will have lost negativity,
          but Negativity will not have been lost.
Negativity will only have been set aside.
It will have been contained.
And we know, within the Second Gateway, Truth will command
          and Truth will draw unto Love and Purity
          and seek an answer for the togetherness of itself.
For Truth will be absent of two parts of its own -
          the Cleansing River and the Negativity.
We have, on the Farside, stratagems prepared
          for the quick entry into the Second Gateway.
We have given you the formula by which you may enter.
We know, because of earth and humanity,
          that the Third Gateway will also open.
We know that Souls will gather with Creator
          and in that day Negativity and Love will be as one.
The chord that draws all beings into the space of the Second
          is the unleashing of Negativity, once again, from the Blessed.
Is there any man on earth who has the power
          to draw Negativity back to its being?
          Nay, there is not one.
But we know there will be a course,
          we know there will be a dispensation of time allotted
          to the saving of Negativity.
Holy Holy Holy, Holy unto Holy, how blessed is thy being, earth,
          for you have untangled the web
          and you have brought unto earth, the very tripods of being.
And all creation will see the pictures that you capture,
          and all utterances will be caught in the web of Time.
There is a mighty army.
It belongs to no country, it is humanity itself.
Unto Creator, look to your captain.
Unto Creator seek your guidance.
Unto Creator speak of your pain.
Speak in the depths of your being,
          for you have the utterances beyond that which we have.
Know you this: We do not have the vibration that you have,
          we do not have the greatness that you have.
We, Souls of earth, do not carry the Light that you do,
          and yet we are in magnificent splendour.
Earth, know this!

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22.       18 September 2001          
Earth, an edict from the Farside:
          "You are sacred, you are Holy, you are one in one accord,
          for one purpose upon the face of earth."

We know this, for we have seen the Record of Time.
We have been in the hallowedness of that place.
We have entered in in great ceremony to see that which was written
          and it is written that men are sacred, that men are Holy.
It is written that men have a purpose
          and the purpose is to raise the Blessed.
We know, for we have seen the Record.
We know that many times man has fought, one with the other,
          and many times Souls have been brought forward into the Farside
          in great numbers because of these battles.
We know that often the purpose of these battles is "Creator".
There is some humour in our beings, for if we did not see the humour,
          we would not cease to cry,
          our tears would flow undauntingly, unceasingly.
Humanity, each moment of your time is accountable,
          always has been since the impetus of casting forth.
Accountability does not render you unaccountable,
          it renders humanity accountable,
          for only in the accountability may the Blessed Ones come forth.
It is the accountability that shows the marks upon your being,
          for upon the Farside you are perfection.
Were we to rend your flesh, your flesh would be flesh,
          your blood would be blood, you would not cease to be.
Your Soul would survive your earthly being
          and your Soul would rejoice in the coming home.
And in the coming home would come the entry:
          "She came home. He entered in. They have completed."
And soon earth will recognize the pages,
          for there will be a human being who will rise out of the dust
          and speak of a miracle.
And all the earth will know there are Angels,
          for the audience is ready to hear.
Souls of earth, your time is counted.
You are entering in to no Time.
You are entering in to vibration,
          and the velocity with which you will travel
          will be deemed unthinkable,
          and in the travelling you will be awake, your eyes will see.
In the travelling all your senses will be aware
          and you will see beyond the ability of your eyes,
          and smell beyond the ability of your nose,
          and hear beyond the ability of your ears.
          And the messages will be translated from another tongue,
          it will be the tongue of Purity.
And you will know the rising up of Purity,
          and only those who understand will know how to rise.
Nothing you do in your day will be unaccountable.
Godhead has the accountability within the Third Gateway.
The accountability is not as Creator's.
It carries a more stringent test,
          for all who enter in must enter in through implosion.
The being will change and you will become as fluid,
          and you will see your beings rise,
          and you will see yourselves in supplication,
          for you will be far from that which you know.
And you will be lifted up and say: "How is it that I can breathe?"
But your nose will have taken on a new meaning,
          and your ears will not bleed
          for they will have taken on a new hearing,
          and your eyes will behold, for a veil will be lifted,
          and you will be changed, as you rise, and altered.
And when you return you will be new Souls.
You will be renewed, and yet you will be the same.

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23.       18 September 2001          
Souls, earth awaits,
          but earth does not know for what it awaits.
It is you who have the Tablet that says:
          "This is why you await."
You await to recognize your holiness.
You await for the knowledge that you are Purity.
You await because you have been uplifted
          and the Temple of your being has been bestowed
          with greatness by the holiness of your sacred self.
We would speak to you of your sacred self.
We would have you know the Energy of your sacred being -
          utter Energy, ion and matter.
Ion and matter, but before ion was matter.
Within all creation we know ion.
We know Energy.
There are forms such as your form,
          there are beings such as your beings, but no negativity.
Souls of earth, you are treasures
          and you know not that you are treasures.
You do not perceive what we know.
Your eyes cannot see where our eye can see.
Your holiness is visible unto our eye.
The magnificence of your being is not a shell.
It is Soul, it is Spirit, it is Essence!
The Soul was formed for Truth.
We of the Farside have not Soul, we have Spirit.
You are greater.
But the Soul does not leave man until man has been lifted
          to the space above human, and so you have Soul.
You are marked because you have Soul.
When you enter into the Farside your Soul enters with you.
You are recognizable because of your Soul, your Purity.
It is as though a hero has come forward
          with many badges upon his lapel.
You have Soul and your Purity signifies that you have Soul,
          and you are regaled and honoured.
And it is a primping and a pleasure to take oneself
          to other worlds and know
          that the Soul will be recognized.
Temerity, indeed, audacious temerity!
Ego, is it not?
And yet ego is the element of humanity and the Soul,
          having to do with humanity, carries it onward.
Delight in your humanity.
We of the Farside have seen the great destruction of humanity,
          and we have seen the Tears of Angels flow,
          and we have seen the beings at the Hem of Creator
          gathering the Blessed.
We utter unto earth a plea - to know your Energy,
          to recognize the power of your being.
          To know that no matter how far down the pain is,
          or how far out the pain is or how high,
          your being has the Energy to lift and alter that pain.
My blessed children, hold the Blue Diamond in your hand
          and place it upon the head of the enemy
          and heal his being.

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24.       14 May 2002          
Earth is trembling, earth is wanting,
          earth is marked and scarred.
And, Souls, understand the scarring is deep and the marks are crevices
          that spew forth the anger of her pain.
And, Souls, we would have you wash earth clean,
          we would have you stay the pain.
Monumental corruptions are being done in the name of Creator.
Monumental deprivations are being offered in the name of Creator
          and all that is being rendered unto Creator is not sacred.
We would plead with earth, with those enlightened members
          to understand they have the days and the nights,
          they have the hours and the moments to give to alleviating pain
          and yet they walk on the other side of the street
          or they cast their glance above the pain.
We would have you reach your being and embrace the pain
          and take it as your own,
          for earth has not many moments to be.
Your children's children's children will not be,
          for earth will rend and the face of earth
          will not allow food to grow.
The crops will wither
          and the animals will be burned but not for food,
          and the only thing left will be the great vials of injection
          and the seeds that have been treated
          that man may not devour.
Humanity, leave off treating the seed.
Leave off injecting, for the portal of humanity cannot endure
          that which you enter into their being,
          and the interred agonize earth.
Each person upon the face of earth
          has the ability to change the Energy of earth.
Souls, change the Energy where you are to a positive uplifting.
Withdraw from the use of negativity
          but embrace all that are downtrodden in negativity.

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25.       28 May 2002          
Many are the Souls who have entered into earth
          in the Purity of their being.
These are much that men disdain -
          the animals, the birds, the insects, the reptile.
The worlds beyond have offered their being.
We, the Jinn, abide within your world.
The Faery members have entered in in Purity.
They have not the ability to enter into negativity.
They have the protection of Creator.
Had you the protection of Creator, you could not overcome negativity.
It would be immune to thy being.
You are not protected from negativity.
You are incredibly vulnerable and many of these beings of Purity
          have allowed their being to be that which negativity works through.
The flesh of many, the nature of many, the vulnerability of many -
          each gives in the exact way which provides growth for mankind.
Bless the energies of these beings that profoundly support who thou art.
Your earth will prepare for a tumultuous bang
          that will resound through five countries.
It is imminent unto thy being.
Soul, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, and one will disappear.

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26.       18 June 2002          
Soul, our tents have pain, our tents have anguish.
There you see the tent of the bended nose.
Does he not have pain?
You hear of his pain, but soul, the walk!
Earth cannot escape the great hole, the ever expanding hole,
          for it is the very hole that will bring forth The Blessed,
          not from your earth centre, but from the very place you are.
We would have you understand
          Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, is as a cavernous pit
          and we would have you know that agonies vibrate within the pit
          and you can alter the agonies of the pit.
Now is not the time to rest,
          now is not the time to gather at the marketplace and discuss the day.
Now is the time to gather your being
          and to send a beacon of Light unto the great cavern,
          and place a spiral that the opening might come,
          for the cold is great, even though the heat is above.
And we would have you take your Energy and lift and lift,
          that you might encircle the five
          and open the passageway to the entering in for humanity,
          that The Four might enter as vanguards
          to bring forth that which has long been separated.
And the Angels will sing hosannas,
          the sound of comfort in the downward spiral,
          and the Brethren will hear that you have opened the pit
          and those who await will come forth
          at the beckoning of humanity.
Soul, our tent is your tent, our marketplace is your marketplace.
We would have you have it so for all humanity.
Gather your energies.
We would have you know,
          in all your waking moments of consciousness
          to see the spiral and know that you have the power
          to lessen the pain, not of earth alone,
          but of the eons of agony in transition.
Be ever gentle toward thy brother Negativity.
Be thou a teacher to the troubling child.
If you look up, you will see the falcon
          ready to pounce on the prey.
Beware of the falcon.

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27.       9 July 2002          
Shhh. Shhh. The earth is not still.
The earth has a cadence, the earth has a tone,
          the earth has a memory.
The earth has not endless endurance.
The earth has not the ability to eradicate pain from herself.
The earth has not the ability to find joy
          in that which is placed within.
We, of the Jinn, speak to the people of earth.
The great seas hold great apertures
          that gush forth in stupendous dregs of ill.
It is, Soul, as a sore, festering.
There are eleven such apertures.
You earthling, you must see the pain
          in which you have placed the stench of humanity.
You, who see our shadow pass by you,
          hold only fear at our shadow.
We ask that you hold fear
          for the stench that will come to your earth.
We ask that you recognize the deep pits of waste
          that are gathering from all your technology.
Before, Soul, you realize that which you invent,
          find first the solution for when you have done,
          for man is fickle and man releases from his being
          waste that contaminates the sea and the land and the air.
We do not breathe your air or we would not live.
We are not dependent upon the life of your planet
          for we have the availability of many mother ships
          that bring us that which we need.
But you, humanity, require air,
          you require that your oxygen carry no contaminants.
Your filters will not contain the contaminants
          that earth humanity has planned for itself
          in ridding its brother of life.
Your balls of fire will lay upon the seas and the lands.
They will filter through the flesh to the bone,
          and life forms will be lost.
Souls, it is your next plague.
Earth, you can alter all things!
Place this, Soul, upon your knowledge board!

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28.       24 September 2002          
We would ask that all humanity
          acknowledge the efforts of India,
          for India is now ruled by a path unto Truth.
All efforts of a great uprising will be quelled.
All efforts of slaughter will be quelled and we ask, Soul,
          that all earth speak for a level of humanity
          to reside within India.
We would ask that rivals
          who have been contentious in religious matters,
          recognize the onward need for peace.
There is within the land of India, atomic warfare.
It will ignite, alter that which will be if nothing is done.
Three hundred and twenty thousand people
          will be touched and altered by the blast.
Soul, all Energy alters Energy.
All significant good alters significant negativity.
All efforts of good will be recognized.
Hold the Energy of your goodness high,
          not to one or the other, only unto the whole
          for my people have divided themselves into many
          and they are what re-unite.
Oh my India, re-unite!
Bring your brethren selves unto one another
          and speak the Love of the Four -
          of Buddha, of Krishna, of Mohammed, and Jesu.
Understand negativity must cease.
The sword must be replaced with a symbol.
So be it.

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29.       8 October 2002          
You will see two forces come together,
          each expressing right, one wounded, one without a part of its being.
You will see great caves ajar.
You will see the honeycomb within the land
          that has never been witnessed before.
You will see, within earth, hundreds of feet of honeycomb.
There will be a great recognition of pain.
There will be a great scourge of yellow toxins.
There will come from the cave, the billowing forth of blue vials
          that are deep in the seventh labyrinth.
To have conquered will be to have defeated the purpose of well
          for from cavernous pit will come the sting of the viper
          that will carry itself upon your globe.
You have been warned.

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30.       16 October 2002          
You have a need to know of that
          which will come to the earth you are in.
Venice will see great buildings topple, art work vandalized.
Security will be no more.
There will be, within the house of London,
          five female attendants who will draw through a partition
          a cell alive with flame.
The negativity will be within the space
          of the old woman who lies abed.
The great torrent of flesh will ride the river of the Mississippi.
The decade will not finish
          until the blood runs red within the waterway.
Within the land of China will come a scourge
          that will devour and decimate millions.
These souls will have uniform.
Each will carry a mark.

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31.       12 February 2003          
It is, Soul, of your earth
          and the violence you are preparing to enter into.
There is a tone, which earth may sound, that will rend earth itself.
It is, Soul, the greatest need for all humanity
          to be aware of the perilous sound.
It is keyed from seven unto one.
It is, Soul, struggling to be heard.
Within the depths of Israel is the sounding place for the note.
It is, Soul, a discordant note and it will be caused,
          not by those within the land,
          but by an act on the outer perimeters of the land.
From the depths will come these smells of sulphurs.
From the depths will come the gaseous content,
          but it will lift itself high into the atmosphere
          and spread, Soul, into all the outlying countries.
It will begin with Iraq.
It will, Soul, find itself far into the borders of Turkey.
It will reach itself into the Europe centres
          and be in the place called India.
Pakistan will be laid low.
And those worlds who arm themselves will not be able to move a gun
          for they will hold their stomach in great distress.
Understand, there is a need for all mankind to be aware
          of a single missile that is the discordant note.

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