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P R O P H E C I E S   2

1       21 March 2003          
My Lord Krishna, come forth!
What would you speak?
We would speak unto thee of the battles from time began.
We have always argued the place of battle.
"In this battle, is it the same, my Lord, as all battles?"
Krishna, you who separated yourself to ask why, hear why.
Hear with open ears the why. Mankind has always battled.
Indeed, they entered into earth beloved, cast from the Energy we are.
The very purpose of your entering in is battle.
The purpose was not, Soul, to battle with selves, Krishna.
We speak of the selves of mankind,
          we speak of the coming forth unto battle.
Each Soul has been wept upon
          as a mother weeps upon the pain of her children.
Selves of mankind, you carry within you the most glorious portions of life,
          you carry a portion of Truth, you carry a portion of Negativity.
And Souls of earth, humanities,
          you have the Energy portion of Love of our own.
Speak, speak unto thy commander, Krishna,
          so that the armies might hear the words that are spoken.
We speak of the temple of four turrets,
          we speak of that in the land called Iraq.
Mankind has the echo of the Blessed Four.
Mankind understands the coming of the Purities.
Has not the villain erected the temple thus?
And knowing of that which it represents,
          are there not four kingdoms that are impatient
          to belong with the Holy Four?
We will hold their Energy.
"Lord, unto Thee is our portion allotted.
But how, Lord, do we speak to the armies?
How will they see that which Krishna knows?
How will they behold Thy Light falling equally upon the bands of men?
Krishna, the white flag.
Mankind knows of the white flag.
You will create neutrality, Soul.
You will beckon the world to display the white flag for neutrality, Soul.
Not for one, not for the other,
          but for giving of Energy that the battle may continue for mankind,
          but the battle of overcoming negativity.
Battles are not won on the battlefield - this you know.
We seek a portion of Light.
Display, Souls, Light as the Jews were commanded by the Energy of All
          to place the crimson upon the door.
Soul, do we now speak for the world to hold the white flag,
          not to relinquish power?
Indeed, to shed power, to take no side.
To, Soul, charge their being in the single purpose
          of overcoming the negativity,
          that motion might be stilled and the time of fulfilment begin.
What is it, Krishna?
"My Lord, how does that stop the army that rides as a wave,
          or prevent the lesser from creating pandemonium?
Harken unto the Light and let joy sing its song,
          for in the space of your earth moon, the white flags will appear.
And the battlefields will hear of the giving of mankind,
          and the effort will gentle the armies both.
And the one will see a portion upon his plate he has not seen before.
For the Light will open unto him the aperture of reality.

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2       January 17, 2004          
Souls, you have great resources.
Always, we are about thee.
You may, call and before the thought is finished, indeed we are before you.
Recall from whence you came, recall that which you are.
You have an earth phrase "total recall"
          and we would that you had total recall
          for you would know of the glory of your being,
          for you would know that today has come and gone,
          for you would know that the rush of anxiety
          was less than the blink of an eye,
          unless you chose to carry it beyond the blink.
You will understand, when in Ecstasy, you will understand,
          of the Radiance of your level when in Ecstasy,
          and you will know that Souls within this lifetime.
You will know it Souls, not just as High Being,
          but you will know it within your earth being.
We, Rafael, have seen the record, the Writing on the Wall
          and we would, take this opportunity
          to alert earth of the grave errors your scientists commit
          in the pursuit of gold.
The grave errors they commit in experiments upon the animals of earth,
          upon the avian, upon the sea and the fish,
          the contaminants, the mutations.
The genetic helix is being tampered with
          and earth will see new plagues that have never been seen before.
They will be mutations of mutations of mutations
          so that they become unrecognizable from their original smallpox.
Look for the link to smallpox.
It is passed through the food chain.
It is not airborne and it has to do with the genetic helix.

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3       February 19, 2003          
Beloveds, Souls of earth, we have come to warn you
          of the rabid infestation
          that is a blight waiting within the dirt of the earth.
It awaits to erupt upon the flesh, the sinew and the bones of all animals
          of all that fly, for they, too, touch the earth.
Souls, this will be endemic and epidemic within your lifetime.
It will affect one in every ten animal.
It will affect and infect the birds in the air, one in every twenty five,
          and it will not stop there.
For the creatures, the purities of the sea, will be affected and infected.
You have the warning and you have the power,
          the potential power, to erase, erase this infestation from your land.
We would ask all earth Souls to vibrate forth into the earth,
          the goodness of their being.
You are the caregivers, you are the shepherds of the land.
Earth relies upon your Love, your giving, your caring to survive.
You, Souls, people of earth, we the Jinn, have difficulty
          assisting the earth to survive.
We and the Little People cannot hold back much longer
          the cleansing that will take place
          without the intervention of your goodness,
          without the vibration of your Purity,
          without the throwing off the yoke of negativity.
We ask, Souls of earth, that you place Love unto the earth,
          that you place Love into the earth, now.

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4       September 3, 2002          
There is an exodus from the habitat of the birds.
The turmoil within the weather system of earth is heard clearly
          within the timetable of all airborne life.
Not just the birds, but the bees and the wasps, the flies.
You see, earth is stirring and shaking as a dog shakes
          to remove the flea.
So is earth shaking to remove the negativity,
          and in the shake, the bird has nowhere to land.
It has lost the sense of direction.
There are crows; even they are returning apart.
There is a great endeavour of Farside Energy transmitted
          to the bird, to the bee, to airborne.
Not only are the airborne, but the seaborne are also askew.
Earth is sending out echos through the air and through the sea.
That which could hear, now hears with distortion.
When you see the flock fly, when you see a kaki in flight,
          you will send the vision you have to guide them home.
Numbers are lost and will not return to earth.
They have bellied up or dropped down.
All the signs of destruction are upon the earth
          and the noontide is long since past.

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