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1. February 11, 2004          
We would speak of the indigo, of the blue children.
The surge of blue children has arrived,
          these beings from a world that carries seven moons.
Each child is designated.
Each child will alter an area within their realm of living.
Each has come from awareness.
Each has come with a Sublime Record deeply embedded in their being.
They have awareness of farther than what you call heaven, our Farside.
They have awareness of the Cauldron in their being.
They have awareness of the Purpose of Humanity, the Blessed.
Each of the indigo children will find the sacred diverse.
Many will see it through the eyes of science.
Many will see it through the eyes of fiction.
Many will see it through the eyes of medicine.
Many will alter history in their efforts for humanity.
They have arranged to meet upon the earth together.
Their meeting time will be the year 2022.
Their purpose of congregating will be a huge effort
          of humanity against government, world government, Soul.
They will have many objections that will be uttered and given.
They will place these grievances in the form of commandment.
They will come down written on stone, as from the beginning.
The last of the blue children will have entered your world in 2005, March 12th.
Soul, messengers enter in in the new year
          and your earth, from our viewpoint, begins March 12.
You will understand this world of indigo.
They are all the inhabitants of a single world.
They have chosen to enlighten earth.
They come with precious sayings within their being.
They will relay to earth the manner in which man should be unto man.
They will permit no atrocity without voicing so the world may hear.
You will find them born to families of wealth, of misery.
In all countries of earth are the inhabitants of the blue children.
There are 3,352 Souls within each country.
The single country that carries more is Japan.
From Japan will rise a clear voice.
It will be against all manner of nuclear use.
These are not the old and the aged that will alter your earth.
They have done little.
These will be young and middle aged that will raise a voice
          that will be felt as a wave throughout the world.
Each country, the young expressing.
Within the indigo are many artists and artisans.
Within the indigo are many teachers.
There are few kings.
You will understand the full purpose of their coming is alignment
          to all the coming of the Keys, the seven.
The indigo children will hold in their hands,
          books that have been published and they will lift in the hands and say:
"Hear these, hear these!"
And each of the mountaintops will have awakened
          and come to understand the purpose of being.
Your world has violence.
It has negativity spewing,
          but, Soul, it also has precious areas of goodness that are illuminating.
The Energy from these 3,352 Souls will magnify, and energize Souls unto them.
You have been in the beginning of the change.
You are counted, as the explorer, into the realm of embracing negativity.
The blue children will not see negativity.
They will only see goodness.
Their vision will be to alter the vision of your world.
They are the last vestige to come forth
          to save humanity from paying the ultimate price.
Recognize a blue child and savour the goodness of that Soul,
          for they have left behind Purity of such fullness,
          that earth might see more clearly what should be the intent of being,

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2. February 11, 2004          
All that is animate and inanimate has Energy.
All that is has Energy.
You, Soul, are unaware of the Energy as humanity,
          because you refuse to know intangibles.
What you believe must be tangible.
So the blue children will teach of the intangible,
          of the Soul of the Spirit, of the Essence of being.
They will understand aura and be vibrantly aware of aura.
They will amaze their families with astute words that replicate things,
          situations that have occurred before their time.
They will speak of that which is to come in a manner of certainty,
          and it will come to be.
The blue children will be noted and will be seen within each country
          as a visible, viable opinion.
They will counter the millions within many countries
          in their strong, vibrant voice.
Their intellect will often be of their own making,
          discerning from that which man has prepared for them,
          a sustainable energy that will bring them to the table of high places.
They will be heard and their words will not be set aside.
The vision of their eyes will be clear.
That which they speak and write will be translated to many factions.
The engineer will take the word of the blue child
          and place it as cornerstone within the building,
          for they will bring to earth another dimension.
They will hear the form of all things in a new note.
This note will alter the chord that is broken.
The new note will be called resilience,
          for it will not be the final touch of the master hand,
          but it will alter the note
          to become resilient to the change that must occur.
The world will understand the utterance of painting.
Much of earth paints, alters the colours, the shades,
          the tones within the earth itself,
          from green to brown to golden, to orange to red to blue.
Within the home, abode of their being, Souls of earth alter and vary the colour.
The blue children will bring the indigo strongly with them.
They will be seen in the flame of indigo.
They will be recognized as sky, as sea, and their Spirit will be as the wind
          that takes them from one continent to another,
          from one language to another.
They will have no boundaries and because they have no boundaries
          they will often be seen to be derelict in their duty as children,
          but they have come with a mission and their mission is for entire earth,
          entire mankind, to the Soul in the highest concrete building,
          to the being upon the ice flow or in the deepest, darkest forest.
You participate in your goodness, for they have come to teach goodness,
          they have come to light the way.
They have come as humanity
          and a throng of children shall lead them forth unto the Gateway.
These will be your children, the children of indigo.
Hear their voice, recognize their being.
For they walk in the path of goodness and they carry a message to all earth.

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3. February 20, 2004          
Soul, earth, you astound us in your advances.
You bring Tears of Creator to wash over you.
For the beloved of Creator, mankind, has heard the voice of children.
The aged, the learned, the wise have responded to the shrill sireen voice
          of the child who has entered in to call the name of humanity forth
          to a oneness that has never been.
As your ocean has waves, so too has the voice of the child.
The first are the blue, the second are the white,
          the third are the violet.
Those you call crystalline are the white.
Each wave will bring a higher understanding of togetherness.
The first wave presents a voice of awareness,
          the second wave gives a voice of Light,
          the third wave gives a voice of acceptance.
These Souls of acceptance, at very young age,
          will leave families to cleave unto violet
          and work for humanity in great numbers.
They will know no home, they will seek no monetary value,
          they will have only a lifelong commitment to the well being of man.
These Souls will appear in the most simple mode of dress.
They will be revered and many will alter their stance to religions
          and seek service as a counterpart.
The Souls of Light will have a generosity.
These Souls speak individually to a single aim.
They have a left and a right;
          they have a great releasing of Negativity from their being.
Those who are entered in in a painful state
          will find themselves cured as though miraculously.
It will be the intense Energy within these Souls.
They will be witnessed to be enlightened without teaching.
They will have a visible aura of goodness to those who would see.
Each Soul will cast down the need to place earth in jeopardy
          in order that they might exist.
And therefore, the earth will see a beacon of Light
          in how to transcend the pain of earth.
All waves will be seen as extraordinarily different.
They will reach great understandings of humanity's needs.
They will repel the Negativity onslaught presented to them
          and make stark statements of rightness to mankind.
This is done.
They will draw great controversy in their way.
Many of these Souls will draw attention to the negativity of mankind.
Equally many will show mankind the positives of their being
          and how this can be increased.
Both divergence will meet and then will enter in the violet.

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4. February 20, 2004          
Soul, before the last of the blue children have entered into earth,
          the crystalline Light will have already begun to arrive.
These Souls will multiply and be as the triad.
They will gather in the great cities.
They will speak and come from all corners of earth to meet
          in Rio de Janeiro, London England, Moscow Russia, Beijing China.
They will, meet in Kyoto.
They will meet in Bangkok.
They will meet in Venice.
They will congregate in Amsterdam, above the vileness will raise a Light.
They will meet in San Francisco.
They will meet upon the space of Nanaimo.
There is a cordoned area within the five Arabs.
It will draw them forth.
They will speak in unified voices that mankind will hear.
They have come from all levels of humanity and have a singular purpose.
They will enter in for a period of 12 years
          and all that is Negativity about their being will not adhere,
          for they will have understood Negativity.
They will have recognized the brother.
They will have known the true intent of Negativity and speak the intent to earth.
And all earth will see Negativity as it is.
The possibilities will open before mankind
          and each year the Souls' advance will be made known
          and earth will create a new prize of esteem to the Light children.

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5. February 20, 2004          
The triad of Light will be followed by a ray.
These beings will carry a vision.
Their vision will place all churches to one accord.
They will place all men as equal.
They will carry a recognition that all blood flows equally
          with no contaminants of kind.
All violet children will have a mark.
It will be seen in the eye.
It will have a single lack - a line of no pigment.
It will be fractional and only visible within ray.
That line will be revealed as violet.
It is within the iris.
Each Soul will have come into earth for the single purpose of mankind.
There will be no struggle within these beings of right or wrong
          for they come as the Angel-self.
They present their beings and they energize.
These beings will remain on earth for short times.
Each will have left before their 45th year.
They will have begun to arise in the year 2012.
They will be staggered in a period of seven years.

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