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1     August 20, 2013
Souls, you are of earth.
Your energy field is incredibly weak.
It barely registers, Soul, where we are.
It has energized in magnitude because mankind is unbalancing the energy itself.
Science sees to reconstruct the atoms within the deep chambers of earth.
Your understanding is not sufficient.
You do not have the capacity to withstand the charge that you will send forth.
The chamber is not of sufficient containment, Soul.
You have a direction of three to recoordinate.
Vast depth consurge the energies vast to the inner chamber. Soul,
          preclude that you have misconceptualized the blast itself.
Withhold until three is righted.
Derreck understand, it is essential.

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2     February 24, 2010
Souls of earth, within the night sky you will see a dispersement of
          three stars.
They will, Soul, be far from you
          but your earth will feel an echo of their bursting forth
          and as they implode they will feel unto earth as an echo.
All of humanity will have a depression of Energy at that time.
For how long?
It will last, Soul, for the earth people over three months.
It will create great tribulation if earth humanity is not told.
We ask those of astronomy to declare the burst of three earth stars.
And from the timing of the burst will be nine months,
          then, a wave of three months depression.
Although light years will be thought of as a calculation, we say unto you,
          "You will see it after the fact."

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3     January 11, 2002
Power structures of goodness are Light,
          and power structures of evil are alite also.
When your thought, when your deed,
          when your goodness is not visible to those about you,
          it is seen in the scope of red from Farside.
When you, with Purity, extend your being outward,
          you illuminate the stars and the stars become dim.
Earth Souls, understand the power you have to ignite all Energy
          from the Second Gateway forth.
And yet earth, in the guise of religion, in the guise of Truth,
          commandeers great armies to come forth
          to play at being truthful, righteous and honourable.
We would speak to the religions of the world.
We would speak to all religions of the world:
You are not holier than your brother. You are your brother!
You cannot contain more Love than your brother.
You are equal, you are brother.
Oh, my earth Soul, your brother is your kin!
Farside has many such differences as you have upon your plane.
We vary in many forms, one to the other,
          and yet there is no causticity between our beings.
We respect and honour, we rely upon the Purity of our brother.
Souls of earth, we are visited by Purities Four:
          the Blessed Mohammed, Jesu, Krishna, Buddha.
They are not idle.
They maintain the wellness of all creation as a part of their Being.
They do this, in unification.
They build upon earth, a form of Love.
It is Purity.
They offered it, as a gift unto humanity.
See, earth, this is how you climb the ladder unto Purity.
You reach out, you extend your being unto your fellow man.
You give of your words and your heart and your mind.
You flow in goodness, one to the other.
You hold your babes as precious, and you lift a Soul upward,
          not thrash him downward.
We would have earth religions group together
          to cease and desist all intent to overcome,
          to open your door to any being,
          to have no rules and regulations except the giving of Purity.
Purity to be the single purpose of your dwelling places;
          all manoeuvres to overcome other religions to cease and desist;
          all children of earth to be the prime purpose of earth existence.
So be it!

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4     November 6, 2001
My warriors, My battalion of righteousness, My effort of humanity,
          be bent as a blade of grass in a great wind.
Be thou bent.
Bow thee down and recognize the Creator in your being.
See through the eye of Purity.
My people are all people, for I am a member of the Most High.
I, who has bent and been broken, who has risen up,
          have not lost sight with the purpose of My being.
I resound with a message:
          "Who hast said I may speak no more?
          What mortal has said immortal may not speak?
          We speak to you Islam, My beloved Islam."

Gather from among you twelve men and women, tried and true.
All will have the knowledge of Islam.
All will know who they are.
Sequester yourselves for twelve days and twelve nights
          and come forth from the sequestering with a tablet of stone.
Come forth with a tablet of stone and hold it unto all nations
          as a formula to resolve earth starvation.
You, who are Islam, are mighty.
You are numbered in greatness, you are numbered for humanity,
          you are numbered for goodness, you are numbered for Truth,
          for it is Truth to what you have come.
Unto all nations will We, the Brethren Four*, come forth.
Unto all nations will We reach and you will see Our vision,
          Our Energy, that will Light your day and your night.
You have wearied of pain.
Release those in bondage.
Release those tied to antiquity.
Value life and liberty for all beings.
You have come down the stairway unto earth many times.
You have embraced the lands of your passion
          and you have embraced the land of your enemy.
You are the circumference of all humanity.
Acknowledge the vulnerability that you have
          and rise up from that vulnerability to be human, not Islam.
We say unto all:
"Hold not thou that We are.
We have all come from the same Creator.
We have all risen, been lifted, to our rightful place.
Feed thou my people in spirit of freedom.
Feed thou my people in flesh of humanity.
Feed thou my people in all freedoms.
And to thee will We come."

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5     January 18, 2002
Earth has never been alone.
We would have you know the many colonies of differences
          that are within the state of Farside gather to assist
          the recovering of Purity.
Earth has long been plagued with differences.
It is contentious in your world to be separate from.
And from the vision we have we are continually amazed
          at the separation of beloved brothers
          who cannot see their commonality,
          who cannot see the thread by which they are attached.
You have, Souls, brought great recovery.
You have, defended Truth.
Holy Ones, we would now have you see
          the lack of difference in your beings.
We would have you now see the tumultuous efforts you have expended
          unto wars because of differences,
          as only the battle against negativity.
We would have you recognize the Battle is drawing to a close,
          is almost won.
And that which will bring the oneness, the complete circle,
          is the recognition of brother to brother.
And on the battlefield of earth, see a brother, reach out unto a brother.
From synagogue to temple to church, from dome to spiral,
          see a Path of goodness walk.
And know that you are no different one to another,
          but that you are the Holy army brought forth from where we are
          to do righteous Battle in the name of Creator,
          to do that which Creator could not do.
How powerful, indeed, art thou humanity!
How full of greatness art thou!
Be, Souls, overwhelmed with thy Purity.
Be, overwhelmed with Love one to another.
Rejoice in the differences as we of the Farside,
          rejoice in our differences.
The mantle of soldier has been long upon your shoulder
          and it is now time to turn the swords into ploughshares,
          and feed the hungry and nourish the ill.
Unto earth has all been possible, unto earth is all possible.

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6     January 18, 2002
Your earth is soup, the conglomeration of much.
And to savour the soup, you cannot take the leek and the onion,
          and the carrot, and the potato, and place it separate
          from the bean and the pea, from the barley.
But you must blend for soup to be, and the flavours meld and become savoury.
You have a giant bowl of soup in your earth,
          but you have taken the Italian and the Chinese,
          and the Eskimo and the Indian,
          or the white and the black, and the red and the yellow,
          and you have separated.
You have lost the savoury of your soup.
It is in the blend of differences that goodness is found.
          and in the market place are the blends.
          and it is in the gathering of the marketplace that oneness is found.
Souls of earth, negativity can be so embraced and overcome.
There is upon our side a continuous fragrance that tickles the nostril.
It is the meld of much goodness.
You see beings from many worlds entering in and going forth
          and we embrace their difference of being.
In the marketplace of the Farside is such joy, is such Love, is such Purity.
And the nostril is always tickled by the generous spirit of goodness,
          one to another.
Earth, in your marketplace of humanity, will you not see the flavours of delight?
Will you not recognize the joys of why you are different?
For your worlds are reflections of where we are,
          your differences are reflections of where we are.
And, we would have you know the wonder of embracing the difference,
          for the flavor is new and always there is newness,
          always there is the old.
Oh, Soul, look! The potato is still there but what is this I see, this savoury?
I have not known that.
And this lentil, what is that I see? Ah, it is the Greek!
And here the Chinese and the Japanese, the Orthodox and the Jew,
          and there the Buddhist!
And do we not see Mohammed's flock, and Buddha's, and Jesu's, and Krishna's?
Have they all not melded as one?
This is as it will be, Souls.
This is the day you are in.
You are in the day of melding.
Warring will cease to be when you recognize the precious bowl of soup.

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7     November 6, 2001
Howsoever you enter in to the house matters.
Howsoever you enter out from the house matters.
For know, that which you call home is a replica of where we are,
          and those within are as the Spirits you hold dear unto your being.
Within the Farside are many mansions.
If it were not so, I would not have told it unto thee.
And within the many mansions are so very many differences.
And so it is within the house of my father of earth.
But all differences can be melded to become a single form
          and all homes are as a cube that has many faces
          and yet becomes one face.
It is not easy to find the one face and yet the oneness is there.
We would have you know the magic is not your need.
We would have you know it is the outstretched arm
          that goes from one home to another home,
          that does not see a hovel less than a palace,
          that does not see a kraal less than a house built of brick.
From your time forth, humanity will raise an enzyme to all that are needy.
Come thou, come thou unto the storehouse of humanity
          and gather you from the storehouse that which you need.
And all who have plenty will give to the storehouse
          and so it shall be in your time, in your moment.
Earth will proclaim an edict:
          "All countries unified to resolve the issues of starvation."
Not wars, not anger, not pain, but only starvation.
And all countries will place their excess beyond two years
          into the granaries that earth might be fed
          and then will earth not struggle to feed.
No pollution will be placed evermore upon the seed of growth,
          for contaminants may not be used to feed the poor.
Each Soul of wealth will pass to the granary a stipend of their wealth.
It will be honourably done, without force, by many.

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8     November 13, 2001
We speak to all leaders of all nations, for we are leader of our nation.
Take you all the mothers with children under three
          and create an encampment
          and place those mothers within the encampment for one earth year.
Give them the tools and the seed to provide.
Give them all the diverse languages of earth and you will be amazed.
They will not segregate themselves.
They will not find themselves in corners,
          but they will come, one and all, to place their children in a safe fold.
They will go forth to plant, and trust in some to care and coddle the young,
          and they will bring forth that which they reap.
And they will make a thick gruel and they will pass the bowl,
          singular, to one and all.
And the mothers will use their mouths to feed their young from a single bowl
          because they have the welfare of all tethered to one.
And the children will speak in a single language
          that has come from all the diversities of language,
          for children know how to blend.
Could you come together, leaders of nations,
          and take from those children the language they have acquired,
          and you will have integration, unification.
We move back from earth, for earth is entering the time of trial.
It is not a judgement placed upon any Soul.
It is the judgement earth has placed upon herself.
Humanity has triggered more than the atom.
Humanity has triggered the disintegration of the atom.

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