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    Earth Changes


1 back to top 2 2011

1         October 13, 2010
We speak to you from within the Void wherein our station is.
We are gathering a power of united Energy to reach, Soul, far below you.
You will understand, you will feel within the circle radius of your sun,
          the expansive breath that flows by and through you.
You will feel within, a chaotic spirt of Energy that rotates
          unto the sixteenth portion of your earth coordinates.
You will see a line deep within the meridian of earth that will create a hum, hum.
The earth will begin a very fine wobble.
It, Soul, will take unto four hours, ten minutes to adjust.
You will feel upon much of earth the liquefaction.
It is not, Soul, a gasp outward from earth as in earthquake, Soul.
It is a breath, a part from your earth that travels through your meridian
          to create a wobble.
The source is of much Purity, Soul.
The source is not invasion, Soul.
The source is not destruction, Soul.
And we would have earth know not to react in a negative manner
          but to use the Energy within to still all that is earth;
          to create, Soul, a calming within the Energy of earth.
You are, Soul, within your beings attached to all Energy
          and as you allow your Energy to calm,
          it will travel outward from your being unto all that is.
The Light of humanity will enhance the journey
          for it will give added momentum to Breath,
          for all Purity is apportioned to Breath.
You will feel the pressure build in the March of your following year.
You will feel it build, Souls, for several months.
All that is of Breath that has the ability to move unto the station of Lantosia, will do so.
It will, Soul, last from March of your year eleven, Soul,
          until December of eleven not twelve, Soul, eleven.
Earth will need to adjust timetables after the re-alignment.
That which will occur in the year 2012 will allow those who have prepared
          within Lantosia to move forward into the fourth level
          and possibly, Soul, the fifth.
We are as you, Soul. We do not have all the knowns to our being.
This we say to you.

1 back to top 3 2         August 10, 2011
Souls, encounter the wee ones,
          for the struggle of earth, the wee ones are busy.
          We speak, Soul, of the Faery kingdom upon earth.
We speak of the great Energy they put forth for all the animal kingdom.
Across your globe, there is preparation for earth's turmoil.
And the blessed Faeries will be the guide unto Farside
          for the animal kingdom.
They will, Soul, not be alone for the Jinn also will participate.
Souls from Lantosia also prepare the aperture
          for the coming forth unto where we are.
Place your hearts at ease for those that are blessed unto you
          will be lifted gently in to the harbour of Farside.
Their Purity will allow them, Soul, to enter in
          and leave at will as the Gateway unto earth opens.
You will find such blessedness reach out unto you.
You will know their warmth and their goodness.
They have been, Soul, a part of your world
          and will remain a part of your world
          until your world and sister world becomes one.
Within the path of return for all creatures, it will not be as Noah's Ark, Soul.
It will simply be the lifting of Purity
          for there will be no need for the earthly covering of their Purity.
For at will they can bring such covering upon themself.
You, Soul, within the lifting, have not that Purity.
Therefore you must enter in to the ship.
The ship, Soul, will not be entered in to Farside
          but in to outer galaxies beyond your own.
Fear not, there will be no struggle.
There will be no surcease of breath.
Indeed, not.
You will be, Soul, as comfortable as a gentle earth day.
Upon entering in,
          your vision will have the availability of the Akashic Record.
It will be made available unto you; our technology is far beyond your own.
You will rejoice in that you will see the progression of your day.
You will rejoice in that you will see the Love extended unto all humanity.
You will rejoice as you understand Creators abound.
And you, you are of Supreme Creator, one in all humanity.
Feel the air of your earth.
Feel how it alters round about your globe.
Feel the density of atmosphere and atmospheric changes.
Feel also the inner thrust of earth upward.
You are chosen of your beings to enter in.
You have the advantage, Soul, of being where we are not,
          cannot enter in, Soul.
For we have not been chosen of Melchezidec.
But our goodness and your goodness are of the same Creator.
Our peace of being, our shed shared.
You prepare yourself
          as the Circle of Saints prepare for you, humanity's purpose.
Melchezidec speaks forth for earth to hear.
All will be listening in the year 2011, December 20th unto 23.
For in that single day, time will understand the time is of no time.
And earth will struggle to reset the way of the heart unto Farside,
          the way of the mind unto Farside.
For logic will cease to be logic in those three days, yet the voice will steady.
The voice will be heard.
It cannot come unto you of Melchezidec but from Melchezidec.
For even the voice of Melchezidec may not enter in unto Farside
          for the Purity would blind of earth.

2 back to top 4 2012

3         October 13, 2010
Souls, we do not share to give you consternation,
          Soul, we share to alert earth, that earth is not falling.
Earth will survive.
Earth will endure.
You will hear, Soul, the low B-flat and you will, Soul, respond in B-flat,
That which will occur in the year 2012 will allow those who have prepared
          within Lantosia to move forward into the fourth level
          and possibly, Soul, the fifth. not high C, Soul,
That which will occur in the year 2012 will allow those who have prepared
          within Lantosia to move forward into the fourth level
          and possibly, Soul, the fifth.
You are only acknowledging, Soul, those planets that fly by
Whole spheres will send forth their Energy.
It will be, Soul, creating as little intrusion as possible to your earth.
Yet, we know it will be there and we see you in a state of panic.
For that which the sound is, is low and residual, Soul,
          in that it does not leave for four hours of your earth.
It is low, Soul, a hum, Soul, as in the electric of your earth.
The hum is not always heard, yet to some hearing it is valid.
You have, Soul, the knowledge to give forth.

3 back to top 5 4         June 29, 2011
The earth is finding its divisions.
It is thrusting itself deep.
The Souls of beings who have entered in to earth to assist mankind,
          are preparing a readiness, for many who will be lost in the seas.
We say to you, do not extract from this
          that your earth is complete in its life cycle for humanity.
It is not.
Do understand that the chaos will be enormous.
And from the chaos will come circles of energies
          that will be seen as great orbs.
You will understand these as the alien creatures.
They are not distortions of film, for they will be seen with the naked eye.
They will, Soul, lift and energize and draw Souls so that you will see, Soul,
          these orbs gathering together in great streams to rise.
It will give you comfort to know
          that they carry with them the energies, the Souls of human.
They will not be left alone, Soul.
There is also a great need for you to be given a Truth.
The Truth, Soul, is of 2012.
You will not prepare yourself to leave earth.
You will not prepare yourself in any manner
          except protection from crowds, from water, from wind.
That you hold your mind stable through fearful intents.
You are, Soul, continuing in the Energy form you are in.
Know this.

4 back to top 6 2013

5         June 4, 2013
Soul, unto earth we speak.
Unto earth is a value of seven.
It is, Soul, a force of truth.
It will bring earth to an abundance of joy.
Soon upon earth there will be a recognition of a sound
          outside the sphere of earth.
It will enter in to many decibels.
The sound will be recorded and all earth
          will hear a verbalization from Lantosia.
You will hear, Soul, a recording of depth beyond
          the thrust of Breath.
It will enter in to earth.
Each energy will feel.
As you have felt without knowing the radiation
          throughout your world,
          so will you feel the sound travel within your form.
It will give, Soul, each being a loss of time.
It will be recorded, Soul, on the eastern seas.
It will be advanced, Soul, slowly throughout your world.
Motion, Soul, will be slower as it dissipates.
It will lift the sound registry several octaves so that earth
          will find itself gyrating gently within
          the axis of its being.
This too, Soul, will be recorded.
It will hold, Soul, motion stilled then caught,
          a move forward quickly, Soul.
Within the area of China will come a crescendo arcing,
          Soul, even unto the oceans about Hawaii.
There will be, Soul, a vast necessary evacuation
          to entrap the seas.
As the crescendo reaches an apex it will travel back.
This we say to you.
It will come and unlock for China a gateway, an apex,
          Soul, wherein a rock will find itself uncovered.
This a small child will find.

5 back to top 7 6         May 13, 2010
We ask you to understand
          the many flowing eddies of water throughout your planet
          are in imminent danger of contamination.
We ask that all those who may, who will, who can,
          to place Energy once weekly within a source of water,
          an Energy of White Light.
For you will understand that all waters are connected in some way,
          and the cleansing, Soul, of one particular
          will carry itself unto all waters.
We ask that you form a circle around the earth of beings,
          dedicated once weekly.
For only moments, place the Energy into a source of water.
It does not need to be in a lake or an ocean,
          it may be even within your home.
Direct the Light into and unto the water,
          for earth needs water to exist, mankind needs water to exist.
The pollutants will cause massive outbreaks of dysentery,
          dangerous to those already ill or who have lack of immune system.
You have had minor incidences of this,
          and it will become more prevalent.
And so we ask that beings around the world join once weekly
          and place energies of White Light.
Indeed, you have a website.
Place it on the website and it will
          be taken up as a project by many Souls.
They will see it, recognize it as a responsibility and organize.
You have upon your planet many days dedicated,
          such as your Earth Day.
This would be a Water Day, but weekly.

6 back to top 8 7         June 9, 2010
We have words to speak.
We speak of the great fold to occur within earth.
We speak of the great relinquishing of earth land to the sea.
We speak of the urgency for men and women to gather
          plans of removal of great numbers of humans
          in very short spans of time from sea areas.
We ask the navies of the world to lend their ships to allow
          scores of humanity to enter in.
We ask that those who have great areas of empty space,
          allot their land for periods of time to place humanity.
There is, Soul, a choice.
You can give their lives to the sea, to the mud, or you can, Soul,
          place before them a foothold where they may latch and hold.
We cannot, Soul, tell you one area of your world.
We cannot, for it will be in many areas of your world.
It will be a change within the sea.
It will bring the land to great destruction.
There is a quick, a quickening of the sea's Energy.
It is feeling the depths of destruction within and without.
Both the turtle and the whale have sent forth a state of alarm unto the Farside
          to prepare to receive great numbers of humans.
We cannot intervene, we cannot, Soul, with our stylus change a jot or a tittle.
But you, humanity, you can.
You can alter the scores of deceased Souls.
You can, Soul, hold the pain that will be felt deep within the mind's channel.
And you, Soul, understand when you feel it,
          it is a preparing to you of the time of the calamity.
It is, Soul, at its worst in 2013.
Shelves will raise and lift and many will sink deep.
The gravitational pull will alter and for six hours earth will feel a tremor.
Prepare to carry great scores of people.
Unite as never before to lift the people, the animals unto the high lands.
This we say to you.
Indeed, Soul, we do not restrict that we give.
To many beings who will receive are given the same teachings.
They are not all willing to place to purpose to Energy.
Some fall on deaf ears.
Many misinterpret.

Earth Changes

7 back to top 9 8         March 14, 2000
Soul! Cover the mouth, except for the breathing out.
Draw Energy from the land.
Draw Energy to the nape.
All beings will be gathered to one,
          and the Souls will build strength in the vortex of the west.
The land you are on will rise up, and the Souls will see the wash of water
          that will inundate the passageway of the Fraser River,
          of the Columbia, of the Georgia Strait.
Alaska and Japan will have a dual with the water from a great earthquake,
          and the land will not escape the sea.
          The island Okinawa will have water lapping at the high hills.
And the Souls of the inland stretches of British Columbia will know salt
          where salt has never been.
And the water will leave great fish upon the land, and decay within the sea,
          and the moment of option will be taken away.
Souls of earth, make ready, for the floodgates will wash clean
          that which is iniquity, and Souls will fear to look to the night sky.
The daylight hour will be as night,
          and the small babes will not reach their second year.
Who will stop the ebb and flow of iniquity?
The key is in your hand to unlock the door.
Soul, darken not the door, but rise and see the purpose of your being.
It is the written word.

8 back to top 10 9         June 8, 2006
Mankind is headed upon a path of destruction
          which may be reversed at a moment's instant recognition
          of the high beings that you are.
But many are enamoured of negativity and cannot let go,
          refuse, indeed, to let go.
The Soul of earth, cries to man, "Cease the toxins,
          cease the pollutants you press into my water, my soil."
Soon your skies will turn hazy
          with a grayness that will encircle your globe, a band of gray.
That band of gray is your indication the last knell has sounded.
For it will eventually cover all the blue
          that has been for so long in your mind's memory.
The gray will signal that the gases are being released.
You will find it hard to breathe.
The acrid gases will sting the eyes,
          sting the nasal passages, sting the mouth.
Souls, your children will erupt in sores
          for their tender skin will not be able to tolerate
          the acridity of the gases.
Cooperation, Souls of earth, will stay what is imminent.
We call upon you to awaken to the oneness of your being,
          to awaken to that knowledge and bring to bear upon the planet
          all the goodness of being, to purify,
          to reclaim the cleanliness of earth.

9 back to top 11 10         July 29, 2009
Souls of earth, your earth is acquiring a stillness.
We would have you understand this stillness.
It is, Soul, as the stillness of growth wherein heat or cold prevents.
So it is with earth.
Earth has no power to alter what will be.
For earth is the servant of mankind.
The turmoil, the deluge, the greed, the asperity felt throughout your world
          has reactioned earth to a stillness.
To survive, it must allow the cleansing motion of chaos to reign.
Within the chaos will come the eradication of much that is evil,
          that earth might regroup the Energy and once again
          draw motion of growth unto it.
All of humanity will become aware that even as the seed is placed
          growth does not occur.
Even as you place water upon the soil, it is not absorbed by the plant
          for the extremes are great.
They will last, Soul, for seven years, seven cycles of heat and cold,
          seven famine months.
We ask that you see that which you do,
          that you absorb less food for your body,
          that you absorb only that which will comfortably sustain your body,
          that you use the foods
          that build the muscle for the fatty tissue will not survive.
It will be the lean and strengthen beings that will survive.
We ask that you recognize self denial of opulence, of self indulgence
          for they will not serve you well.
Prepare ye the way.
Draw forward unto the future a program of self survival
          that you might be that example unto others.
There is yet time to instruct.
There is yet time to bring to bear a positive turn to earth's dilemma.
All humanity, would that you could see through the looking glass
          unto that which we see.
Would that we could mirror unto you, yet we do in as much as we are able.
There is a fracture preparing to rend itself.
Many places of earth will feel the pull of water.
It will wash great countries clean.
It will salinate much that was land.
This we say unto you, "Prepare ye the way".

10 back to top 12 11         June 23, 2010
Souls of earth, what will thou do without all that is yours?
What will you do when the name of your being
          is no longer stamped upon items of value to earth inhabitants?
How will you glory in who you are when you hold no item greater than another's?
Souls of earth, we bring you glad tidings of great joy.
Upon the Far Side ownership is non-existent.
There is, Soul, not even ownership to the Soul of your being.
Think you on this.
Your very Soul is so freely given
          that all other Souls might behold the Spirit of whom you are,
          the glory of whom you are.
The secret place is of no value.
The counter plot is non-existent and that which would fill your being with joy
          is in the Purity and Love of others.
That which provide you, Soul, from one galaxy to another,
          from world to world, from existence to existence, is free, Soul;
          free to the extent of Purity you are.
The choice is ever yours.
Wherein is the sun and moon and stars, you will say.
But they are, they have ever been, as all spheres within the Void,
          known unto Farside, unto to where you are.
And you are the voyager, Soul.
You are the Soul who enters in to the great causeway.
You have armed your being and you have set forth.
And we say to you, all that you have ever done is for the glory of your Creator.
And we say more unto you, Soul. You have succeeded in great glory.
Before you, another vista opens and earth humanity is preparing to enter in.
Within the great crack of earth will come a sound
          such as humanity has not before heard.
It will be within the waterway.
And earth will open and water will disappear
          and it will reach through the continent of North America.
The sound so great, that within the Void the sound will be carried.
From the depths of the valley will come rushing forth waters
          and bubbles as steam from the geyser.
And earth will tremble in her being.
From the north and from the south, the seas will join the heat of the water
          and become mighty in its flow.
We can tell you, Soul, the sea will rush first from south to north,
          then, Soul, will it rush slowly from north to south.
There will be a constant change in the level of the water
          as it flows ultimately south to north and north to south.
The sound will be heard and will be channelled from Lantosia outward,
          that the great call of humanity will be heard.
At that time humanity will come together
          as at no other time on the face of the earth
          and send forth a great High C unto the outward places of Void.
Upon the place of Lantosia, within the register, there will be a redirecting
          of this sound outward unto, Soul, Fourteen Realms.
It will, Soul, alter that which is in your Light and Dark.
For only by the magnification of sound
          can it be effectual in reaching into the Void.
All that is, is in preparation.
Do not, Soul, tremble in your being.
All that is will be found in the time of change
          and earth will know the moment the valley becomes.

11 back to top 13 12         May 11, 2011
Souls of earth, hear from Lantosia.
Hear, Souls the words.
We see, we know.
We entrust to you this knowing that earth is gathering momentum
          to estrange itself from the sun.
It is, Soul, a minute portion that will cause a reach to rise deep within the Himalaya.
It will be seen to rise at a degree that will shake earth.
It will create a chasm deep unto Indonesia.
The corridor of Australia will be seen to lower itself in the mid section.
The frequent swelling of pockets of mud will burst to vent a gaseous explosive.
The vents will reach high in to the atmosphere.
There is a rendering of useless land that will become forced to the sea
          and will rise to give a mountain range.
This will be given in to the darkness of the cavity.
The whorl lungs are heard to gasp from the noxious vents.
The throats are burned and cleanse with fibres of the Ju Ju.
They are, Soul, grown deep and may be cultivated prior to this event.
Souls of earth, prepare to defend long stretches of earth's land from inland seas.
Reaches of catastrophic proportions will be found to demolish standing waters.
Your earth is formulating a bitter four years.
Prepare to assist mankind.

12 back to top 14 13         April 13, 2011
Soul, come with us in to the depths of the sea.
Enter down in to the cavernous way of earth.
There is a rift of great dimension.
It is filling with toxicity.
We ask you to do what we cannot do.
We are containing the toxicity
          but we cannot send it within the rift and we ask you to do this.
We ask those of earth to know that the instability of your earth
          has created much damage but it is the same Energy of earthquake
          that can gulp and swallow the pain of nuclear leak.
We would have you see the energy in the depths.
We ask of you to call upon the rift to open and gulp forth and close.
For therein will a lethal vile energy be contained.
And we, who travel the seas, will rejoice.
Spare the young, the infinitesimal, from the toxic waste.
We ask this of humanity.
(Are you referring to Japan?)
Indeed we are.
The inner rift will open.
It is at that moment you will send forth the toxicity.
Weigh it down with weight of energy.
Keep it down until the rift closes.
Our children will live.
(How will we know when the rift is open?)
Soul, you will be aware for the whales will call unto earth.


13 back to top 15 14         March 10, 2011
Souls of earth, roll up the blinds, roll up the drapes,
          open the windows, Souls of earth.
Hold all openings, apertures open and available
          for a great cleansing wind is soon to arrive.
Closed drapes and blinds will be of no assistance.
We advise that you leave all apertures open,
          for the wind to carry through with less damage.
Hold thy beings beneath the windows that are opened.
If your apertures are closed, remove yourself from their vicinity.
This we give unto you, Souls of earth.
You will know when the wind arises,
          there will be, Soul, many indications of the increase
          in both temperature and wind currents,
          so that you will have ample warning.
Your earth, Soul, requires scouring and cleansing
          and there will be an explosion of great magnitude
          which combined with the cross currents within the ocean
          will bring about the great wind.
(These winds will cover the whole earth?)
The whole earth, Soul.
(Can you tell us what velocity of wind we are looking at?)
In the neighbourhood, Soul, of over 200 Kms.
Much of your earth has already experienced such winds in your early history.
It is not unknown for cyclones to bring about winds of this magnitude,
          although generally the magnitude of such winds
          are in the upper atmosphere and do not drop
          into the lower atmosphere as they will.
It is not imminent in your earth terms.
Imminent, Soul, being within the next year.
It will, Soul, be within the next six.
It will, Soul, be one of many windstorms.
It is, Soul, the first of many.
For mankind that still has the opportunity to halt, to heal the earth.
For the wind, Souls, is not a symptom,
          it is a result of the many; of contamination within the earth,
          of the poisoned atmosphere within and without the earth,
          of the pollution, Soul.
(When this happens, where would the wind blow
          the contaminants and the pollutions?)

Around the earth, Soul.
It will not disperse them; it is only a warning for mankind
          that they see the result of that which they do.


14 back to top 16 15         September 10, 2002
Goedese the Nubian wishes to speak to Nelson Mandela

A missile to Nelson Mandela

Humanitarian, to you who are the speaker of much of earth’s people,
          we ask that you address to the United Nations,
          the need of earth to retain food.
For earth will enter a great change
          and in order to alleviate the agonies ahead,
          and because your nation understands these agonies
          more than any nation upon the earth,
          we ask you to be the voice
          to alleviate the pain that will come.
Provide to the United Nations, proviso -
          food for one world, each two years of ten.
Plan, Soul - the grains unneeded to be gathered and stored,
          or earth will feel the great swelling
          that will disallow breath to come.
It is, Soul, a disease that will run rampant
          upon the globe of your earth.
There is a need for countries to unite in their abilities
          to provide the variety of food to sustain life.
Each country will offer to another the blend they have.
The food will be stored within silos of immense proportions.
No toxins will be used.
The Souls will understand the great need.
There will be proviso for
          the transferring of waters in great amounts
          to countries that have no fit water to drink.
This will occur.
There will be a need to have storage facilities available.
Soul, you will be heard.

15 back to top 17 16        February 9, 2006
Children of earth, we ask that you gather,
          gather that you might share.
A time will enter in to earth, a drought, a flood.
And that which was, will not grow.
Draw unto you, in your years, in every seven, two to store.
In every home, a portion to be set aside, more than for your own, Soul.
Only gather unto you that which is dried.
From the fields that which will give sustenance to the body and fill the cavity,
          that which has the colour of the rainbow
          to achieve all the needs of your bodies.
The time is ripe, the need is now.
A portion to be set aside and stored as in storehouse, Soul.
And in the day of offering outward, meted out, a portion of each colour,
          for a soup of nourishment.
We ask this be done by the governments, by the families, by the individual.
The rage upon the land is yet to be.

16 back to top 18 17         February 28, 2003
We would speak of the reserves of food, all reserves of food.
And we ask mankind to further the research,
          without contamination, of preserving foods
          that they may feed the hungry, the drought stricken.
We ask, Souls, that you look at all manners of food
          to be prepared in a manner that will suffice a day.
This food will be dry packed
          and a single nation will store the food for humanity.
You see, Soul, contentions in the very thought
          but we know of the power of perfection.
You are soon to enter in to a struggle.
It has a path to a peaceful end for a time.
And there will be another struggle and another struggle
          and yet many other struggles.
You have the opportunity, at your hour of your Energy,
          to forestall and allow pride to be put aside,
          and overflow the enemy with goodness.
We do not speak of one enemy, we do not speak of one invader.
We speak, Soul, of all invaders of all lands -
          Cambodia, the Americas, China,
          the Philippines, Angola, Bosnia.
We ask France, Russia and Germany
          to see within themselves, comparisons.
We ask the United States of America
          not to rewrite the letter of independence.

17 back to top 19 18         February 9, 2006
Earth is heavy, Soul.
We will speak to you of the heaviness of earth.
In the rainforests of earth, is imbalance.
It will create the first scourge of famine, for the rain will not enter in.
We will tell you, Soul, a huge wind that will bite the skin in a heat,
          will carry the young to crawl on their hands and knees
          and pile one upon the other creating havoc.
We ask, Soul, that earth be aware
          of a need to place heaviness beneath the tents they will provide.
A need, Soul, to place the opportunity of sand within the base of the tent,
          that in itself it will be grounded.
The tent must not be made of oils and plastics
          for it will wither within the heat
          but must be made of natural fibre, of canvas.
And even then it must be treated to withstand wind.
Your science knows this.
There is a need to store these tents within Africa.
We ask that earth begin to donate portions of funding to achieve this.
The decimation of child life would be, Soul, catastrophic.
You have the opportunity to heal
          and we ask that earth humanity redeem the negativity
          and ask not what nation, nor what bonding a person has.
There will be the need for one million tents.

18 back to top 20 19        July 16, 2008
We speak to humanity of the need to gather for the two years.
Earth will require animals that fodder humanity the food.
It is necessary for earth has a period of twenty years
          to carry herself through great diversity of climate.
The watersheds will open and the fields will flood.
The lands will crack and the forests will fire,
          but in those years are turmoil.
The abundance of other years could lay wasting.
          and we ask, Souls of earth, that you make imminent
          your provision of food above the water table.

19 back to top 21 20        December 9, 2009
Soul, we would speak.
Within your world are many so gathered.
You are but a few of those who see
          the realm beyond where you are.
We carry a designation to you.
We have a direct way.
We know, foray your planet.
We have permission of the Circle of Saints.
Our hold is from Lantosia.
You are but shortly from us.
Upon a great ship will be an intervention.
You will see our coming forth.
You will hear a tattoo of sound to announce our coming.
Earth will make much of that which was seen.
But to those who have the higher contemplation of being,
          we speak to announce
          there is no untoward force that will be presented.
We come for a single purpose.
It is for the survival of the human race upon earth.
The calibration that is set in the depths of earth is faulty.
It must be altered.
This will be done through impelling force
          to prevent a flow of earthquake.
There is a power to be set in force.
It will, Soul, have a resolution for earth’s search into space,
          but it will have an adverse effect upon the planet.
As light years take time, so is the sound caught and held
          before earth will feel the great power of sound.
Your research will be altered by us.
This has not been attempted or permitted before.
It is the change of a single note that will bring the sound
          more immediate to the vibrational aura of the world.
The outer realms will not feel the resounding thrust
          for two years into the future.
Then earth will shake.
This is what we alter.


20 back to top 22 21        August 13, 2002
Soul, we are Michael.
There are always teachings for earth.
We would bring a teaching to the table.
We would bring you to the source of water, of earth water.
We would have you know the endless flow that is about earth.
It is continuous, Soul,
          but it is drawn deep into the bellies of earth.
Your earth is losing site of the waterways.
It has not disappeared, it has merely grown inward.
You will know that you can reach the great caverns of water
          and create the oasis of good.
There is a need for earth's technology to seek inward to the rivers of earth
          and place upon these rivers, a use for only the two years
          that are in drought and earth will maintain oasis throughout the world.
There is a need to understand
          that the flow must not be ceaseless from these rivers,
          but only when the drought becomes apparent - the two years in six.
We ask that all countries become aware of the flow that is sacred.
It is visible from your outer vision; the satellites will see the energies beneath.

21 back to top 23 22        May 12, 2010
With drought, Soul,
          we ask you with the limitations of water,
          to place damp cloths upon your children.
It will help the body to store the level of moisture.
It is important, Soul, not to be generous to lose water.
We ask you to reserve all that you can,
          be it in what ever receptacle you can behold.
It is time to replenish the well being of earth.
It is time to replenish the well being of mankind.
There is, Soul, a sound that is heard in the viaducts of earth:
          "too little, too little, too little".
You have the possibilities
          of using the liquid coursing through your earth wisely.
You have the possibility
          of using the liquid that is coursing through your abode wisely.
And we ask that you do this:
          that you relocate water that you use it and reuse it and reuse it again.
We ask, Soul, that you do your ablutions for a single day
          you gather that what you use
          and you measure, Soul, that which you use.
And you will see the great use of water unnecessary.
It is of great need to hear,
          to hear, for earth is struggling with the manner of liquid provided.
Earth's water can become land, soured, salted, rather than pristine.
This we say to you.


21 back to top 23        November 28, 2004
Upon the scree of earth's intellect is a demon rising.
The demon is in the form of dragon,
          the sole containment of many armed with great intent
          to annihilate more than half your world population.
The Energy of this dragon is great.
It is not, Soul, in the form of man.
It is, Soul, in the form of drug.
It will be introduced, Soul.
It is imperative that the channelling be received,
          that the work be done and not set aside.
Earth has a dependancy upon Purity and you, Soul, are Purity.
Humanity has an existence in negativity.
Purity cannot tolerate the form of negativity invented by man.
It will, Soul, be microscopic in its invasion into the populace.
It is not, Soul, a condemnation placed upon humanity by their Creator.
Indeed, Soul, it is an invasion placed by humanity
          upon the unethical practices of not one world government, Soul, but many.
Their intrusion into microscopic alien will be reputed world wide as a great cure.
Many will leap to be the first to indulge.
Five nations will procure the rights through a world government
          to produce en masse this microscopic tablet.
The Souls will find within the sixth year
          that which has been placed within the body
          will grow and there will be an epidemic upon the earth.
For the growths will intrude upon the organs of humanity
          and those who will find life dear
          will be those in isolated pockets of earth
          who have not been rendered immune.
The Souls will find it as announced, as a cure to the final flu
          and the Souls will understand it will create within the body
          living micro-organisms that will not be stopped but live off the host.
We ask your world to be aware of contaminants.
They have not afforded to them the research we have,
          nor do they have the ear of these micro-organisms.
You will create a monster of dynamic proportions and issue it world wide.
You have before you a litany given in the most honourable intent
          from those you would call alien.
We who have pledged our being to come to the aid of humanity.
We who are in close proximity to your being,
          indeed, the very existence of Gummeria is kin to your earth,
          kin, Soul, to humanity upon the earth.
We speak to those who are intent upon healing.
We ask you, Soul, to not forage in the being of lemur.
(The animal?) Indeed, Soul.
There is experimentation being done.
We advise, Soul, it be halted.

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